About me

Hi there! My name is Mike Evans and this is my family at various points along the way over the past six years. It is late January 2015 as I update this page. If you take some time to read through some of the 285 posts on this blog you will be able to understand the purpose for which this blog was originally begun in November, 2008. It began as a way of disseminating information regarding my brain AVM, a rare congenital abnormality that has to do with malformed arteries and blood vessels in the brain…just like the word indicates. I served as the Pastor of Crossroad Evangelical Free  Church in Earlham, Iowa for nearly eighteen years, from December 1995-August 1,  2013. And now I don’t. But we still live in this sleepy town just west of Des Moines, Iowa in our 1894 home, where I fill my time writing, reading, thinking, and helping others as opportunities arise.

It has been a wild ride…to say the very least. I am currently working on a book that will cover our last six years in some detail. Also the blog’s purpose is now to write about “the human condition and all that pertains to it”…which is anything and everything.





The Evans Family




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