Life is different now

Many people have asked how I’m doing, how I feel, etc.  Well, let me just say that other than the bad cold I’m fighting this week I feel as good as any 44 year old male can feel.  I feel no different physically or mentally from one day prior to the seizure. 

This thing in my head has changed my life however.  For example I am not permitted to drive for six months.  As a pastor this is a serious cramp on my style.  I normally work out at the gym 3-4 times a week lifting weights and doing cardio.  The doc told me not to do anything that causes me to strain as it can put dangerous undo pressure on the blood vessels and arteries in my brain.  No more house work for me.

Update:  After going to Mayo I have been given the green light to resume working out and lifting weights again.  The only two things I am not permitted to do: play a trombone and do competitive weightlifting….seriously that’s what the neurosurgeon said.  Apparently these two activities produce pressure on veins in the brain like nothing else.  A small sacrifice but I think I can give up both without a significant diminishing of my current quality of life!


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