The plan as it now stands

Dr. Meyer wants me to undergo a functional MRI tomorrow in hopes of giving him more information about the various locations of functions in my brain.  So, I’m scheduled to have that done at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  He wants to consult with another world renowned specialist (Dr. Pollock…don’t laugh he’s for real)

before making a final recommendation but it looks now as if he is going to recommend embolization followed by intercranial surgery the next day.  Not quite sure, but I don’t think that World’s of Fun and Oceans of Fun would be the equivalent match on the SAT test.

Because of its large size, embolization, which is where they do the same thing they do for an angiogram and run a wire into my arteries and into the brain, would be the first procedure.  They would squirt glue into certain vessels or put sterilized plastic pieces into them to stop the flow of blood and lessen the possibility of complications from surgery the next day.

The intercranical surgery is where they will cut out a big ole chunk of my head, hair and all, lift it up and take this thing out…I guess. I don’t know if my head will look smaller then or not.  Maybe we can all chip in for a little plastic surgery.  The good news is that he said I wouldn’t have to be awake for this part.  You can’t imagine how happy this makes me.  Dr. Meyer said the risks of significant longterm deficits were 10-15 %.  Short term deficits were about 20-25%.

That’s where things currently stand.  He will be writing us a letter in the next couple of weeks with a formal recommendation.  So, as it now stands it looks like I will probably be having surgery within the next couple of months, maybe earlier or maybe later.  The good news is that we get to go home tomorrow.  I’ll keep you all posted and let you know my thoughts along the way.  Thanks for joining the journey with us!


2 thoughts on “The plan as it now stands”

  1. Pastor and Karla:
    It must appear, I am confident, that it is as difficult for you to imagine what God’s blessing(s) for you is(are) in your current situation as it was for Joseph to determine what were God’s blessings for him (and all of Israel) as he ascertained his situation trudging behind a camel as he walked towards Egypt into slavery. I am confident in Jesus that all of this shall work for His glory in ways which shall symultaneously be profound and problematic, sublime and surreal, harrowing and hallowing, gut-wrenching and glorious. We pray for you and your family as it suits His will. Pacem.


  2. Hi, Mike.

    I appreciate your sense of humor even more than before, as I’ve seen it expressed on your blogs. (Thanks for the laugh about the hospital gown. I agree with your niece — patients of the world, unite!)

    I’m glad you’ll be able to head home tomorrow.

    We’re praying for you, Karla, and the kids. Hang in there.

    Dave Connon


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