Wow! Thanks for the responses and prayers!

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging responses.  I have never left a response on anyone’s blog site so I don’t really deserve them, but I do appreciate them very much.  The other day I was thinking how grateful was for so many who are praying for me and my family as we enter this new territory.  Someone told me that 35,000 Quakers worldwide had been asked to pray.

That ought to be enough shaking to quake the heavens!  I am aware of a Greek Orthodox priest who has sung prayers in our behalf.  I have a charismatic friend who has no doubt spoken in tongues for me.  I know of Presbysterians of all stripes, OPC, PCA, and PCUSA who are praying.  Lutherans of all stripes, from ELCA to Missouri Synod, and even to the Wisconsin Synod Lutherans (don’t mess with them).  There are all kinds of Reformed folks praying as well.  There are Methodists…the Free kind and the United kind.  There are prayers from many of my fellow Evangelical Free Church pastors and churches being lifted up for us. [Update: I’ve been told that there are also Baptists of varying stripes, Church of Christ folks, non denominational groups as well, and even some Catholics.]    And I’m sure that even young children are praying with childlike faith… you know, the kind that just beholds and believes in God’s omnipotence rather than trying to figure it all out.  Thanks all!


One thought on “Wow! Thanks for the responses and prayers!”

  1. Mike and Karla you are in our prayers… what a difficult decision to make. At least you will not be having to make this decision by yourself, but can trust in God to help you. He works all things to His Glory which is so hard for us to understand here on this earth….Take care!


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