Back from Mayo: Hello Family!

We arrived home from Mayo yesterday evening (Thursday) emotionally and physically exhausted.  I really should have known better.  In my years as a pastor I have had the privilege of walking through painful experiences with many people, but it was their pain not my own.

And, as much as one tries to empathize with the sufferer one can usually get no closer than upper level seats in the stadium as the visceral drama is played out on the field below.  Any real pain, however, I think brings one closer to the field of action…the costly seats where genuine empathy becomes more authentic.

When I say I should have known better what I mean is that I should have been prepared for the complicated messages and plans that arise in dealing with complex issues like we are going through.  As I mentioned earlier, on Wednesday we felt very hopeful not only about treatment, but about the kind of treatment that looked best for me.  On Thursday, in talking with another neurosurgeon the waters became muddied and we have no idea what to do at this point.

Please pray for us that in due time God would make unmistakably straight the path He wants us to take as we traverse this foreign land.  It’s a roller coaster ride on us all, especially for my dear wife Karla.  As we headed to Rochester on Tuesday evening we were both emotionally ready to get this thing dealt with once and for all before coming home.  Instead we came home two days later with not many answers and a three year old boy who never wants to see another doctor in his life.

What a joy it was to reunite with the whole family once again.  Even though it was only three days and two nights away, they all looked as good as they have ever looked, and I appreciate and love each of them more than ever!


2 thoughts on “Back from Mayo: Hello Family!”

  1. Praying for you, Karla and your family, especially during the night watches (Psalm 4: 6). Praying that the Enemy’s voice will be silenced and that you are protected from harassing spirits. May the straight path you are seeking become clear in the days ahead!


  2. One of the bad things about going south for the winter is that it takes us so far away from our family and our church family. Our Pastor here and our church family down here have you on their prayer lists. Of course, Neil and I have our own special prayers for you that he will guide you as to the medical path you should seek. Thank you very much for the blog as it brings us home in our thoughts and in our hearts.


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