A brief note to some kind new friends

I have been negligent in not speaking of our kind new friends south of Rochester.  The Kruegers are a committed Christian couple who live just outside of Stewartville, Minnesota.  Ray is a doctor and Connie is a part time hygienist for the Salvation Army and a choice servant of the Lord who has her hand in all sorts of things that bring blessings and relief to others. 

One of the ministries God has called them to is to use their house as a blessing for others, particularly for those who are using the services of the Mayo Clinic.  Through a former college classmate, who is a doctor in the same practice as Ray, we found out about this wonderful provision.

They have a large home, the basement of which has been entirely transformed into separate living quarters…bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room….even an exercise room.  I cannot tell you what a blessing this was to us!  In Ray’s email to me he told me that the cost of using their home would be the same as the price we would pay for God’s grace: nothing.

I will enclose just a portion of the email I sent to them just a few minutes ago.

Dear Ray and Connie,
Thanks again so much for your kindness and hospitality to us!  Your home was a haven for us after stressful days discussing life or death issues.  Regretfully the last piece of that excellent bread was consumed just this afternoon.  We have also enjoyed a few of those special apples!
Thanks for reading the blog.  From there you can see that after leaving your home on Thursday morning we met with Dr. Pollock, the radiosurgery specialist….who complicated matters for us.
For now, we are just trying to let the dust settle.  Karla is avidly researching technical papers, outcomes, Rankin scales, ages, future risks…and all sorts of things related to AVM’s.  Whatever decision is made will not come independent of significant research on our part.  You know, like Nehemiah…we will trust in the Lord but also set out the guards.  Ultimately we know that the Lord will direct us into what is right for us in this matter.  By this I do not mean to infer an adherence to the philosophical sytem of relativism.   Rather, I believe that God, in His absolute sovereignty, who knows all possible contingencies and cannot be taken by surprise, will direct us in such a way that He will receive the most glory.
Karla is still having a hard time just accepting that I actually have this thing in my brain.  It may take some time for her.  Emotionally I think we were both prepared to get this thing taken care of all the way last week.  I now see that this was premature.  So, we will seek to walk by faith day by day….
Sincerely in Christ,
Mike and Karla

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