The bipartisan nature of AVM’s

I don’t know that a definitive study has yet been done but I know for a fact that AVM’s afflict both liberals and conservatives alike.  Like good members of Congress they know how to do business with both major parties.  For those of you who don’t know me well I am a social and fiscal conservative with a heart.  South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson is widely regarded as a liberal.  He too, has a heart…it’s just bigger in ways that mine is not.  Two years ago he suffered from a ruptured AVM.

His brain hemorrhaged which led to emergency brain surgery.  In case you don’t know, as I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago, whenever the brain bleeds it is a very bad thing. Whatever brain tissue blood touches is damaged.  And so, if the AVM is in the left front temporal lobe which controls the fine motor skills and speech on the right side of the body, and the hemorrhage occurs in this area, loss of some speech and movement on that side of the body is inevitable.  But God has designed the brain to be an amazing center for life and has ordained that it can often re-wire itself in certain ways.   When AVM’s bleed surgery is almost a given, as the tissue has already been damaged around it.

That’s one reason I am so happy to have had a seizure instead.  I haven’t run it by the rest of the family but I think it would be appropriate to designate October 23rd of each year (not nationally, but at least in our home), not only as my youngest son’s birthday, but also as a celebration of sorts.  Maybe a banner that says something like, “Thanks for the seizure” or some other appropriate message.  Compared to the alternative ways of finding this thing I truly am thankful.  In case you are just jumping into this drama midstream let me remind you all that I still feel and act and look exactly as I did before being diagnosed with this thing.  Although there is no question but that I am enjoying and appreciating the grace of each and every day more fully.

I am very impressed with Senator Tim Johnson’s fight to regain some of the deficits he incurred through his ruptured AVM.

Long before this he had championed health issues for South Dakotans.  Now he lives it.  I still wish he were a conservative.  I doubt very much that this will make me more liberal.  One thing I know, however, is that AVM’s are bipartisan.  On this we can all agree.


2 thoughts on “The bipartisan nature of AVM’s”

  1. Mike
    Larry and I have learned about your health concerns…through my sister Lois Y. Our hearts are with you and Karla. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Because he is from our neighboring state, I well remember when Senator Tim Johnson was so suddenly and seriously ill.

    God’s grace!! I see it manifested in your positive attitude. What a gift. May it be encouraging to you…that the Prayer Vine/Prayer Web at First Presbyterian, St Cloud is praying for you, for Karla and for your children! Larry and I are praying for you all, as well.

    By the way, I am very impressed with your church’s website. Very well done! Very welcoming! God bless you, Mike, as you continue to minister to your congregation…and to minister to those of us who are reading your journal entries. Warmest greetings to Karla!

    Ruby Olson, St Cloud, MN


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