Put a paper bag over my head?

Two days from now will mark the first complete month of my six month jail term of no driving.  When I say jail I mean it.  It feels like solitary confinement in a maximum security prison with no food and bluegrass music being piped in day and night.  It’s the law in Iowa that a person cannot drive until he/she makes it six straight months seizure free.  I guess I understand the law but it’s kind of hard if you’re the convict.

For 28 years I have driven myself wherever my heart desired.  Now, I either walk, don’t go anywhere, or Karla drives me there.  Many others have also graciously volunteered to take me places.  I fully expect their grace to be summarily recalled upon reading this entry.

The 1.4 mile stretch to the church several times a day is usually comment free (from me), but in journeys more than 5 miles I tend to manage to comment on the driving in such a way that it evokes one of the following comments from Karla in descending order. 1. I think I need to put a paper bag over your head, and 2. I think you need a blanket over your head.  I understand Karla’s position.  After all, I am being a huge imposition on her daily life.  But it’s truly very difficult for a man not to be allowed to drive.  Brain surgery may seem daunting but I assure you riding shotgun for five more months is right up there.


2 thoughts on “Put a paper bag over my head?”

  1. Mike,
    God is surely teaching you to let go of your control and in this case let Karla do the driving. We know how our husbands love our driving. (ha,ha). We also take for granted the things we have and do everyday. Hang in there, enjoy those moments in the car with Karla. Continue to keep you in our prayers. God bless. Kathy P.S. I am praying for you Karla, you have a lot to take on right now. Love you girl. (Kathy)


  2. Mike and Karla;
    It was not that long ago that I was standing in front of a newborn nursery being told that my first grandchild was having seizures and was being taken to NICU. I felt an arm around me and turned to see you both and Karla was crying. Karla, you told me her brother suffers from seizures so it is always hard for her to hear that is the problem. I have thougt so often of that time since I heard of what is happening with Mike.
    You both told us about your unorganized and chaotic day where you drove back and forth to Des Moines trying to come and visit Justin and Kayla but many things got in the way. God would not let you get there until exactly the right time. The time when the Richert Family needed you and you were there.
    I will never forget standing around Kayla’s bed and all of us holding hands and laying hands on that small child. How blessed we were by you both as Mike said, “Let’s sing” and he began to sing God is so Good.
    We all love you and are praying. We know you are in the Master’s hands as was our dear little Grayson. Thank you for all you do!! Thank you for being a shepherd and loving our kids!!! God is so good!!!!!



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