A Letter from the Mayo Chief of Neurosurgery

Received Friday:

“Dear Mr. Evans:

I reviewed the functional MRI scan and it actually demonstrates some good news.  Your functional brain cortex is actually slightly behind the AVM by one brain gyrus.  This actually makes the surgery slightly safer.

As we discussed, I believe that the risk of a significant neurological deficit, specifically weakness or speech difficulties, is approximately 15 percent.  As we also discussed, you must balance this out against the benefits and risks of Gamma knife therapy.  After you consider these issues, I would be glad to discuss this further with you.

Respetfully yours,

Fredric B. Meyer, M.D.

Professor and Chair”

Disclaimer: The following comments were not made by a neurosurgeon:

Ok.  First, I need to find out why it is good news that my functional brain cortex is “actually slightly behind the AVM.”  Second, I need to find out what constitutes “one brain gyrus.”  Third, I still don’t think the two neurosurgeons we consulted with have sat down together and hashed out their differences.  Fourth, I need some supper. I’m hungry.


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