Random thoughts on a quirky sense of humor

Many of you have commented on how much you have appreciated my sense of humor in these blogs.  Thanks, but I must confess I’m really not that funny.  Seriously.  No one in my family thinks I’m very funny either.  One moment ago I asked Luke, my 16 year old, if he thought I was funny.  He said, “Not as funny as you think you are.”  But that’s just it.  I don’t think I’m funny.  Where have I gone wrong that I have given him even the impression that I think I’m funny.  If anyone thinks I’m funny that’s ok I guess, but even I get annoyed with my strange sense of humor sometimes.  Thus, I imagine that it annoys others of you also.

I don’t think any of the funnies are funny.  Since Gary Larson (not Trudeau as I had previously….that’s the Doonesbury guy…not funny) and the Far Side stopped producing I never even look at the comics.  Karla tries to get me to read Baby Blues.  To me, not very funny.  I don’t think any of them are remotely funny compared to the Far Side.  Who will ever forget the one where over the crest of a hill two cows are standing on their hind legs, and one says to the other something to the effect of “Oh, some humans are coming, we better get down on all four’s.”  Now that’s funny!  I’m guessing that there are others of you out there who think as I do.  If so, please respond with at least a “me too” in the comment line.

As I write these blogs I am not intentionally trying to be funny.  I am simply writing in a “stream of consciousness” way.  In no way do I intend to make light of the situation of which we are in the middle.  It’s not even remotely funny… But I am in the unique situation of having something wrong with me and yet I feel perfectly fine.  And so, as long as I feel fine I will continue to opine as long as my mind does me fine.

But I must admit that it is remarkable how many funny things exist even in the middle of trials if one looks at them through the eyes of faith in a God who does all things well and keeps His children tucked safely inside the impenetrable walls of Romans 8:28.


9 thoughts on “Random thoughts on a quirky sense of humor”

  1. Mike,
    I have to admit I laughed at the humans are coming. Far Side is funny. Tom is right there with you. We just have to love you for trying to have a sense of humor. (just kidding) Don’t lose that, life would not be the same without laughter. Have a blessed day. Continue praying for you and your family. Kathy


  2. Huge “me too” added here. Except we would HAVE to add in Calvin and Hobbes comics as well. We have stacks of those and Far Side around the house, in case anyone needs a fix.

    And you know, I think the Lord graciously gives us humor for such times as this. Back in college my father and two brothers were in a small plane accident (plane and accident are never good in the same sentence). My mother and I drove from Ohio down to Georgia to be with them. They were there for weeks but all miraculously survived, thank God. To say it was stressful, heart and gut wrenching, and sad, would be an understatement. However we *still*, 24 years later, talk about some of the funnies and jokes that came out of that time period.

    So I’m not so sure you need to apologize, unless there are some that have thought you did think it was funny. I heard you being honest, real and transparent about where you guys are and the situation and yet still reflecting the personality God gave you. May He get the glory for it all!

    Love you guys,
    Paul and Adele


  3. I love the Far Side as well. My favorite is the deer with the bullseye on his chest and his buddy saying, “bummer of a birthmark dude”.

    Hang in there. Your faith and humor are both inspiring.


  4. Greetings just geting caught up on the blog. You have a good sense of humor. Humor is not always appreciated however. For example on Facebook this morning someone’s status read “Does anyone want a cat” I made the following comment : I need something to pratice on before deer hunting starts. How fast does your cat run” I thought that was funny, given the response by many I thought wrong :).

    Humor is a great gift from God.
    Enjoy your day cowboy laugh often, I have no doubt God is being petitioned none stop on your behalf.



  5. I had to laugh….that is one of my favorites!!! I believe people thought something was wrong as I was laughing quite loud in my office here at church. As always, your faith speaks volumes in your writings. Give your family a hug from us.

    Stacey and Marcus


  6. Mike, just continue being YOU! Pat and I still laugh every time we think of our visit with you and Karla in August. And believe it or not, Pat has a mug with the “Bummer of a birthmark” cartoon on it. (His brothers and sisters have that kind of humor too.)

    Our very favorite, though, is the Plugger’s cartoon. We cut out every one that we relate to and I think we’ve ended up cutting out half of them!

    Remember….God has a sense of humor, too, after all, He created all of us!!!!

    We love you and are praying for both you and Karla!

    Dawn and Pat


  7. Mike,
    My family doesn’t think I’m funny either! Try this one on your teens and see if it works:

    Do you know why cannibals don’t eat comedians? …because they taste funny. (Haha)

    Oh well, I hope your having a great day. I read your blog daily and I’m praying for you and your family…


  8. Mike, as you know, I LOVE the comics and think Baby Blues is hilarious as well as Zits. My favorite Far Side is 2 mosquitoes – one stuck in a human and getting HUGE. The other mosquito cries, “Pull out, Gertrude, Pull out!”


  9. This is so funny (no pun intended) because I was just reading _The Pre-History of The Far Side_ today. Our son has been reading it lately. So true that nothing compares to it in the comics!

    I’ve just found the blog thanks to Karla on the DYS HS list. 🙂 More to come.

    Julie C.


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