Happier Sewer Update

After this posting I do not plan to say another word about our sewer system.  But I have to share this. 

One month ago I received a flu shot (the only one in the family to do so).    At 2:00 a.m. Monday morning I came down with the flu with a vengeance.  For you precise people I know that it’s not technically the flu but that’s what it’s called around here. For five hours we were all very thankful that the sewer system was alive and well once again.  If this had hit just two days earlier all of us would have been in a world of hurt.  Makes a guy thankful for the small things.  Now… if only the six others in our home don’t get it I assure you I’ll be even more thankful!

(If you are wondering what this is about you would be well served to read the previous two entries)


2 thoughts on “Happier Sewer Update”

  1. “Give thanks to the Lord and call on his name” Truly you are a witness for the cause of Jesus Christ. Mike and Karla, you have remained in my prayers, heart and thoughts. May God grant you a peace-filled Christmas full of his love. I know this will be a heart-felt Christmas for all of us as we pray together for all of you. Be strong and courageous. Love, kathy


  2. Hey cowboy hope your feeling better. Please keep it at your house, I would rather pray for you than me :). How’s that for brotherly love.


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