Can anyone out there beat this?

Everyone is trying to pinch their pennies these days but it’s business as usual for my wife Karla.

Today we went to Michael’s…that arts and crafts and decoration store with a little bit of everything that women seem to love.  Their weekly 40% off coupons (on one item only) prove to be irresistible to my wife and I suspect many others.   The toy she was looking for was not in stock so instead we ended up buying some small Christmas tins.  Karla had two coupons today and insisted that we use both. 

So rather than check out together in an efficient manner we checked out in two separate lines, taking about ten minutes more than necessary.  I checked out with four one dollar tins, sheepishly handed over my coupon and saved a total of 40 cents.  I guess  I should just be thankful that I was able to talk her out of camping out in front of the Dollar General to snag their door busters on black Friday.


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