Thank You!

As this drama continues to play out in our lives the only surprising thing to me has been the sheer number of people who genuinely care about what’s going on with us.

It’s actually a bit humbling (but not as much as not being able to drive for six months) but more than that it’s overwhelming.  There are many people with whom my life currently intersects in profound ways, but there are also many kind people from my past that are coming out of the woodwork like termites on amnesty day.  Each one brings back a flood of good memories…from junior high and high school, from athletic teams, from the church I was raised in, from churches I have served in, from college, from seminary.

I appreciate you leaving your comments, and even those of you lurking out there in the shadows, thank you.  In the past 27 days since I began this blogging thing there have been just over 10,000 views, whatever that means.  Surely one of the things it means is that a lot of you are interested in our situation.  I thank each and every one of you for your concern, thoughts, and prayers on our behalf.    I plan to keep regularly sharing my thoughts and perspective…for what it’s worth.  You all are worth a great deal to me!


One thought on “Thank You!”

  1. Hi Mike, I guess I an one of those lurking in the shadows…so I thought it was time to say Hi.

    We met over the summer and had a chance to get to know each other a little. I have been following your situation from a very safe distance since friends brought me to your blog this week.

    All I have to say right now is that many people are praying for you and your family Mike.

    Your faith is blinding!



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