Sorry for the duplications!

I don’t have any idea why my blog keeps sending out my original posting to those of you who are email subscribers.  It has happened at least twice.  I assure you that I’m not sending it out.  I know there’s something wrong with the old brain but nothing that would lead me to send out the same postings over and over.   I would be slightly annoyed if I were you…perhaps even greatly annoyed if I were already having a bad day.  I have subscribed to my own blog now so that I will know what you all are receiving.  I’m not sure if those of you who signed up on the RSS feed are receiving duplicates or not.  My personal tech adviser Sergeant Streicher is on top of this, so the problem should be resolved soon.  Thanks for your patience.


One thought on “Sorry for the duplications!”

  1. Mike………in the scheme of things………this matter of duplicate emails requires no patience. Just a little button called “delete.”



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