Funny Things

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Two Different Kinds of Surgeons

I am aware of  two renowned F.B. Meyer’s in this world. One was a well known English pastor from the 19th century. The other F.B. Meyer is a world renowned neuro surgeon at Mayo Clinic in the early 21st century who is operating on me in a week-and-a-half. One was a surgeon of the soul. The other is a surgeon of the brain.

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This is what I prayed

Someone asked me to post the content of my prayer Wednesday morning before the State House of Representatives…I think so that they might compare it with the recent inaugural prayers.  Keep in mind that I was told it was to be short and mindful of the fact that people from many different faith traditions would be represented there.  Oh yes, and I was also instructed to avoid political issues. 

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A different kind of capitol gains

One good thing about a recession is that hardly any one is paying capital gains taxes because hardly anyone is making money.   However, I must say that I had much by way of capitol gains on this particular Wednesday morning.  State House Representative Jodi Tymeson from Winterset asked me to do the prayer for the opening sessions of the Legislature on Wednesday morning, both for the House and the Senate.  I gladly accepted.

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