More Pictures From the Wedding Last Weekend

Some of you have asked to see more pictures from the family wedding last weekend so I just wanted to let you know there are some more on that posting as of today.  If you are one who notices things you might be wondering why the picture with the whole family and bride and groom includes only 4 of our children.  That would be because Luke, our 16 year old, photo shopped himself out of the family portrait.  He was on the left side and in this picture looked as if he was stoned out of his gourd.  It is hilarious!  He insisted that it not be included with him in it, reminding me without a hint of a smile in his voice, of the legal precedent that it is illegal to put an image of someone online if they explicitly forbit it.  Makes me wonder what he’d really do if I did.


One thought on “More Pictures From the Wedding Last Weekend”

  1. Mike…I love to read your comments….love your faith in God but when I see that Karla is writing….I can’t wait to see the insight she has into what is happening and how it is affecting the whole family. She writes likes she speaks and I was reminded of her wonderful personality(spunky and independent) when we saw you both at Luther this fall. You both are amazing and what a wonderful gift you are giving all of us by letting us walk this journey with you all. Our prayers are always with the Evans Family.

    Let me know how I can help when the time gets closer to going to Rochester….remember Lakeville is not far from Rochester.

    Marcus and Stacey


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