A different kind of capitol gains

One good thing about a recession is that hardly any one is paying capital gains taxes because hardly anyone is making money.   However, I must say that I had much by way of capitol gains on this particular Wednesday morning.  State House Representative Jodi Tymeson from Winterset asked me to do the prayer for the opening sessions of the Legislature on Wednesday morning, both for the House and the Senate.  I gladly accepted.

And so, it was on a brisk January morning that my friends, the Fletchers, graciously agreed to pick me up [you do remember I am banned from driving for another three months] and take me down to our illustrious state capitol.    Karla would have loved to have joined me but it just didn’t work with the family schedule today.  Maybe we can get the whole family down there in the next few months.

The Fletchers picked me up at 7:00 a.m. and we made our way down to the heart of Des Moines.  We met up with Representative Tymeson who graciously showed us all around the capitol.  She is a very impressive Representative who comes across as one who truly lives out the courage of her convictions, most of which I share, but at the same time she is also a good listener.

She escorted us through both the House and Senate Chambers introducing us to various members of each.  We then had our pictures taken together at the front of the House Chambers.   The Iowa State Capitol is a grand architectural feat.  To stand in the rotunda and look up 275 feet at the glorious dome nearly took my breath away!  Visiting the capitol was also an important reminder to me of the crucial work that goes on there for at least a couple hundred days each year.

After the tour it was time to pray.   Because of the recent death of a member of the Senate, and because many were attending her funeral service, they made other arrangements for someone to pray in the Senate Chambers.  But I still had the privilege of opening the House of Representatives.  It was a great privilege and one I would gladly accept again if offered.  Some people think that since pastors are used to standing in front of people that they never get nervous.  Not so.  But I was more nervous last week playing my blessed accordian for all of Iowa to hear on Van and Bonnie in the morning.   Financial investments, capital gains, blah blah blah…. Today I experienced a different kind of capitol gains and I’m glad I did!


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