Funny Things

One does not have to look very hard to find humorous things all around.

  • I got a haircut today.  Karla thought that was funny.
  • This evening I heard our 10 year old Elisabeth telling her mother “I talk to myself…but Dad has entire conversations with himself.”
  • This morning the repair guy came to fix our dishwasher which stopped draining four days ago.  We figured the pump was out.   Turns out the clear plastic drain line was plugged with grease.  I used the plumbing snake to ream it out.  I could have fixed that one myself.  But… he was a nice guy and I’m sure in this economy he can use the $125 or whatever he’s going to charge.
  • Karla bought a new waffle maker!  We love waffles around here!  Upon opening it she realized that there was no beeper to indicate when the waffle was cooked.  She’s usually doing ten other things while making waffles.   What mother has any use at all for a waffle maker without a beeper?  What’s she going to do… stand around and patiently await individual waffle perfection?  Fortunately the waffles it made  tasted like rubber and she took it back.
  • My workout regimen is funny.  It is 2 steps forward and 1.95 back.   I can have an awesome workout but then on the way out of the gym grab a diet pop and a Snicker’s Bar.  Man those things taste good after a solid workout.
  • Karla took great joy in informing me that in the previous bullet point I had incorrectly used the word regiment.  I disputed the charge but she was right.  Karla loves to be right…especially when I use a word wrongly.  We take words seriously around our home.
  • Our 14 year old son Benj wears a sweatshirt with a stocking cap in our home because he’s cold.  This is the same child who goes outside in 20 degree weather and snow…in shorts and a t-shirt.
  • Karla has been searching for coupons  for restaurants while we’re in Rochester.  She is the coupon queen of the world.    She’s also looking for discount coupons for brain surgery.   Trying to be an encouragment to her today I also began searching…where else but Google: Discount brain surgery.  This is what I got.

Your Scene Strange But True America

Finally: One Unfunny Thing

  • Luke entered the name of our new laptop as Michael Eugene…and I don’t know how to change it.  That is not funny.

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