Home From The Pastors Conference

Today I returned from the Pastors Conference in Minneapolis.  If you want to hear some excellent messages I encourage you to check them out by clicking  here.    We all returned refreshed and eager to do the sorts of things that pastors are supposed to do, namely, to live out and proclaim the glorious truths of Christ’s life, death, and Resurrection.   This Gospel (the good news concerning the truth of these realities) is, and always will be, the cornerstone of our faith. 

Fifteen-hundred men singing great hymns of the faith and sound biblical choruses together was also a powerful experience that stirred my soul to greater affection for God.  In these days solid, God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, theologically sound words with music also bring with them an inordinate amount of tears….not sad tears, but glad tears…tears of fresh courage from God and a visceral comfort from His promises. 

It’s one thing to believe in one’s head certain theological truths.  It’s quite another to feel the full weight of these same truths when one needs them most.  Please don’t be sad for me.  I am glad in God and in His loving purposes…more than ever before in my life!  


On a bit lighter note….  

Three of us journeyed together to the Twin Cities on Monday morning.  As we checked in we had hoped to secure a roll-away bed for the odd man to sleep in.  However, the check-in clerk informed us that the two beds in each room were double beds…not queen sized as I had imagined. 

She also informed us that these rooms were not big enough to add a roll-away.  Thus, we were left with the squeamish proposition of putting two adult men in one double bed.  I’m happy to inform you all that Jaysson and I had no inappropriate contact (i.e. none) for two nights.

While riding in the elevator a few hours after check-in  I heard two huge men (at least 6-4 250 pounds each) nervously discussing and joking about the same predicament…three guys, two double beds.  However, since two of these guys laid side by side were surely wider than a double bed I suspect they were not laughing when the light of dawn appeared. 

Considering that  one billion people in this world do not even have safe water to drink it seems rather trivial to whine too much about a crowded bed in the Minneapolis Hilton. 




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