New Contributing Writer

From several different fronts we have been advised to have someone serve as a liaison between us and the many people who care about us in the coming days.  We have been convinced.  It seems kind of weird to me, but I suppose it makes sense.   However, If I should forget please remind me that I am not a Sheik from Arabia, but rather a small town pastor from the Midwest. 
As we prepare to go to the hospital in a few days I wanted to make you all aware that you’ll soon begin seeing some blog posts from a contributing writer — Dean Osborne.   Dean and his wife Kathleen are members of our church here in Earlham and have offered to go to Rochester next week to help us during the hospital stay along with another special friend.
Come to think of it why don’t we all just meet up in Rochester next week for a big old family party.   You’re all special to me! 
While in Rochester, Dean will partner with Karla to keep the blog updated.   Dean is also coordinating a team of people to help us after we return home.  
Dean and Kathleen, we’re grateful for your help!  Watch for his first post soon.

2 thoughts on “New Contributing Writer”

  1. Mike and Karla
    What a beautiful, caring thing for the Osbornes to be doing for you. Thanks be to God…for His provision to your needs. I have read your blog nearly every day, Mike!! Larry and I have continued to pray for you…and for your family. Your journal entries…have meant so much to me. Karla’s…as well!! News of your sister’s wedding was special to us. We remember meeting her and your parents, Karla…at a “parent’s day” (in south Minneapolis area) before Kara went to Brazil. Larry and I were “stand-in parents” that day for my niece Katherine Y…as she prepared to serve in Brazil. It was such a pleasure to meet your mother and father…and we enjoyed visiting with them! Our hearts and our prayers will continue to be with you both…while you are in Minnesota. The Prayer Vine / Prayer Web of First Presbyterian Church, St Cloud…will be praying. Thank you…to Kathleen and Dean Osborne. And to the other special friend, as well.
    Ruby Olson


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