While Mike and Karla are at Mayo

My name is Dean Osborne and Pastor Mike is my pastor at Crossroad Evangelical Free Church.  I asked Pastor to allow me to assist him and Karla during their time at Mayo and I wanted to share with everyone an experience my wife Kathleen and I had with some other dear friends during Christmas 2006. 

Our best friends Randy and Rita live in Minnesota, where Randy is a pastor.  Kathleen and I had planned to spend Christmas with them that year but Randy had the flu, or so he thought, so we stayed home.  A few days later, Randy was admitted to Mayo hospital with an unknown diagnosis; it wasn’t long before he had life-altering surgery.

We headed to Minnesota after Randy’s surgery to help while he recovered in the hospital.  We observed caring friends and family who wanted to help and were eager for information about Randy’s condition.  Through this experience, Kathleen and I learned several things about how we could practically express our support to others in a similar situation.

All of us love them and are eager to help and encourage the family during this time.  Our purpose is to serve as your point of contact to help you stay up to date and answer questions you might have.

Staying informed

  • I’ll be working with Karla to post updates to the blog — at least daily — and more frequently when appropriate. Checking the blog will provide you with the most accurate information and most importantly, free up Karla to care for Mike and consult with the physicians. 
  • If you need to speak to Mike or Karla, want to visit the hospital or have a question, please use me as your point of contact.  Call 515-238-3147 or send an e-mail to cowboytrader59@gmail.com.  Please know we’re not trying to be the border patrol, we’re just trying to organize all the love.

Some practical suggestions

Many of you are wondering about the best ways you can help.  Here are a few practical ideas:

  • Daily expenses like gasoline, parking, eating out, etc., will quickly add up.  You may wish to help cover some of these expenses.   As we know from recent posts, Karla’s financial skills are amazing, but it’s still unlikely she’ll convince Mayo to pay them for the privilege of being able to operate on such a fine brain.  But seriously, this is a time they need the freedom to buy what will make this trip easy for them, and as we all know, “easy” often costs more.

If you decide to do this, please make your checks payable to Karla Evans and mail them to:

Crossroad Church
P.O. Box 218
Earlham, Iowa 50072

  • Most likely Mike won’t be able to enjoy flowers or balloons for several days after the surgery and they’ll be difficult to transport.  We’d suggest that you hold off on sending these to the hospital at this time.
  • Many of you have already sent cards and notes of encouragement.  If you want to send any to the hospital, you can address them to: 

Saint Mary’s Hospital                                                                    
1216 2nd Street SW                                                                          
Mike Evans Patient                                           
Rochester,MN 55902  

  • Of course, you can always post comments to the blog.
  • I’ve worked with our church to set up a team in Iowa to assist them after Mike returns home.  If you live in or near Earlham and have an interest in helping, please contact me via e-mail at cowboytrader59@gmail.com.  Watch for more information about this later.  

On behalf of Pastor Mike, Karla and their family, thank you for your love, support and prayers.  I know they have been overwhelmed by your response.  We serve an awesome God and ask that each of you keep them before the Lord in prayer daily. 

In His Service



One thought on “While Mike and Karla are at Mayo”

  1. THANK YOU DEAN & KATHY! I will be praying for you both as you serve our King this way and help keep us all connected, updated, and knowing in greater detail how to pray for this precious family. God bless you, and may God’s grace and power oversee all the details of this season in the Evan’s life, as well as this season for Crossroads. In His Loving hands, Wendy


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