A poll to encourage the Evanses


7 thoughts on “A poll to encourage the Evanses”

  1. We are thinking of you and sending prayers up every day. You have been added to our winter church prayer list. Wishing you a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Tell the kids we will fill the cookie jar when we return home.


  2. I woke up early this morning thinking of your family and praying for a successful week ahead. I wish you peace as you move through the week’s adventure. May God’s healing hand be with you,
    any may joy flow like a river upon your return.


  3. Shannon Sandquist, a long time friend of Mike’s who is currently a missionary in Singapore, contacted me and another high school friend, Craig Wittneberg, to encourage a fast for Mike on Thursday. I will be praying all week, and fasting and praying on that day. It is my hope that others will join this opportunity to fast/pray for Mike and his family during this challenging period. Twenty four years tomorrow (Feb. 9, 1985) I was in a very serious car accident in Newton. Mike (and Shannon and Craig) prayed for me during that time in my life, and I know their prayers were honored. I look forward to praying for Mike and his family this coming week.

    Mike and Karla, In the words of that early Christian group Petra, More power to ya!



  4. Mike and Karla and family;
    I am sending my note just as a reminder… I am remembering… I have the days marked and I too will join this week in continued Prayer and Fasting on Thurs.
    Is is amazing to think back at what God began in H. S. to change your lives would be used for His glory…. 25 yrs later.
    Thank-you to Brent, Shannon, and Craig… for bringing us all together as One in Christ…. I too am passing on the word to fast and pray… that is where His mighty power is unleashed! PTL
    “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them…..”

    ..and YES, MORE POWER TO YA….
    One my all time favorite bands…their songs have ministered to many of us.

    in Christ Jesus….”

    Amen and Amen!!!!!!


  5. Dear Mike and Karla,
    Danny and I have been following your blog and the updates from both Bev and the class of 83 blog. I want you to know that our prayers are with you and you are a pillar of faith to all of us watching. It is so great to remember back in the day when God started a small army for himself with a group of young people in Newton, IA. The greatest part is when I hear and see that my brothers and sisters are still walking in truth. What we knew dimly as youth becomes a reality in our lives as we grow up in Christ. As youth we always prayed and asked God to make us like the apostles and able to stand in our faith. You are living the life now brother and a fine example of “Keeping the Faith!” You are saying the words to us that I have said to my family many times about what I want my life to represent. I always tell them, that I don’t want them to grieve to hard or worry to much if something should ever happen but rather to have faith with me, know that I am safe in Jesus and that I am looking forward to the day I’ll be with Jesus. We want nothing more in the world than that our brother should continue this side of eternity, with Karla and the kids, fighting the good fight – But we KNOW that you are safe in Jesus! That is the greatest hope of all. I praise Jesus for your family’s testimony of hope in a dark situation. I am going to pray and fast with you all for Mike’s speedy recovery! For God’s strength and peace that surpasses understanding. Thanks for loving Jesus and trusting Him for all of us to see Mike and Karla. Our prayers are and will continue to be with you.


  6. Mike and Karla, just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers and that I am praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Ross, Kelli and I pray for you every evening, and I pray for you all day long.

    Karla, we miss you here at the gym. It just isn’t the same without you here. Stay strong. I hope you don’t mind, but I put a little blurb in the Advocate asking for prayer warriors to step up.
    Hope to see you with a smile soon.


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