Stop the Presses:Neurosurgeon Cracks a Joke…I Think…and Woman Gives Thanks For a Jesus Song

As I have noted in previous blogs it is my opinion that neurosurgeons are both large headed and humor impaired. 

That’s okay with me.  What they do day in and day out is very serious stuff.  However, during our meeting this afternoon with Dr. Meyer I asked him about my cold…whether or not he was concerned.  He replied “No, I’ll just wash my hands.”  But he said it with a little smile which led Karla and me to think that he was taking a shot at a joke. 

While we were walking through one of the large atriums at Mayo, there was a woman playing the grand piano and another man singing.  As we looked around we had to wonder about the stories of each person that walked by.  

Many were standing and listening, both on the ground level and a balcony.  When the gifted singer was done singing Just a Closer Walk With Thee  there was a rousing applause from all those present.  After the applause subsided a woman from the balcony level yelled out to the singer and pianist “God bless you!  I needed a Jesus song today.” 

She said it not once, but at least four times, until someone finally passed the blessing on to the musicians.  We too needed a Jesus song today…and tomorrow…and forever.


5 thoughts on “Stop the Presses:Neurosurgeon Cracks a Joke…I Think…and Woman Gives Thanks For a Jesus Song”

  1. Dear Mike and Karla,
    You have been in our prayers, especially as the days draw nearer. You two have been an awesome witness to all those around the world. Praise God for our big family who are there to support us through our trials of life. I will be heading to the airport in a few hours. Karla, I will call you when I get to the hospital. My plane arrives around 3:30 if all is on time. God bless you both. Love you. Kathy


  2. Mike,
    We will al be praying for you and thinking about you during this time. Don’t be worrying about your leg – you never were really that good of a punter anyway. Your arm – well, join the club of no feeling =0). Your speech – I know your worried but I also know how strong your faith and will are. I had to ride behind you up many long hills. Seriously, You have a corner full of people and one more important watching over this whole ring. Now – get in there and fight.
    Love – Bob

    [From Mike: Dear Bob, I was a left-footed punter and not quite as bad as you say. Your memory from biking seems a bit better. You are correct, my Schwinn Le Tour III always triumphed over your weak sister Traveler III. Seriously though, thanks for your support!]


  3. Hi Mike,
    Just so you know, you have about 800 Lutherans in Mankato praying for you. I even used you in my Sunday school lesson as an example of how God allows things in our lives to show His Glory! Our continued prayers are with you and Karla. May God sustain your faith and trust in all ways. Oh, and I am sorry I use to beat you up in wrestling matches. I’ll give you about 3 months to train before the rematch! Love, Dave

    [from Mike: Dear cousin Dave, you were always quite a bit older than me…if I remember correctly. You were also a good wrestler and a great cousin I have always admired. Thanks for rallying the Lutherans in Mankato!]


  4. Mike & Karla;
    It has been such a privilege to pray for you. “Thank You, Lord, for being the stronghold of our lives, for hiding us in Your shelter. Please, lift Mike’s head high above all the enemies of this world. Lord, we so look forward to hearing his shouts of joy and his singing to You when this is over!”

    Today, I have loved praying one of my most encouraging Psalms for you – Psalm 34 – “O Lord, Mike has sought You, and You have and will continue to answer him and deliver him from all his fears. Those who look to You are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. This poor man (Mike!) cried, and You, Lord, heard him and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord (Jesus!) encamps (I love that word!!) around those who fear him, and delivers them!! Do that for Mike and Karla, please! . . .

    Your eyes, Lord are toward the righteous (Thank You, Jesus, that we are righteous because of YOU) and Your ears toward their cry. . . When the righteous cry for help, You hear and deliver them out of all their troubles. You, Lord are near to the brokenhearted and save the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but Lord, You delivers him out of them all(!) . . . You redeem the life of Your servants; none of those who take refuge in You will be condemned. Thank You, Lord, for Mike & Karla and may they feel Your enveloping care, mercy, & lovingkindness in these days ahead!!”
    We so love you both!!
    Karol (for Terry, too!!)


  5. Mike & Karla,

    25 something years Mike and you are still an inspiration to everyone you touch. Time goes by so fast. And Karla you are the “Jesus Song” in Mikes life. God bless you both in the months and days to come, my prayers are with you both. And Mike if the right leg won’t move, you will have to come back kicking butt with the left even harder then you had before. God works.


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