Mid Day Update

Surgery finally began at 1:42 p.m.  It is expected to last at least six hours.  Please pray for the obvious, that the surgery would go well, and God would guide the surgeon’s hand.  In addition, please pray that he would have some movement of his right leg and arm, however slight, as well as be able to talk.  Finally, please pray that he would not have any seizures post-surgery.  The risk for this is highest the first four hours after surgery, but remains for several days.

Thank you for praying with us from Iowa!



6 thoughts on “Mid Day Update”

  1. Karla,
    Danny and I have been friends with Mike since highschool and although we have not met you personally, rest assured, we have been praying for weeks with you and Mike concerning today. We are joining in the fast and asking God for all that is His best for your family. God bless sister, Connie Hodges


  2. Karla,

    Thanks for the update – I keep checking for updates , as I imagine many people are. Alan and I (and the girls) are lifting you all up to our Great Physician from out here in Colorado. You are on our minds and in our hearts continually.

    May God ‘s grace and peace be with you,
    Mary Anne Kaiser


  3. Karla,

    Thanks for update. We are praying from afar for Mike and you and your family. Here’s a virtual ***HUG*** for you!

    John & Win Stanford
    Ames (but presently on “sabbatical” in New Hampshire)


  4. Mike and Karla-We are praying like crazy. Though they don’t know Mike, tons of people here in Colorado are lifting you all up. TC


  5. Karla,
    Joni and I have been keeping updated on Mike’s condition. We put your family on our church’s prayer chain and want you to know that a lot of people are praying here in NE Missouri.
    In Him,


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