Saturday A.M. Update

Good Morning

Psalm 136 continues to remind us of God’s steadfast love that endures forever. Pastor Mike continues to make progress. His blood pressure threshold has been increased to 110.
Dr. Meyer stopped by early this morning and is using caution. Pastor Mike will spend another day in ICU. Last night he did not sleep well and is running a slight temp this morning.

We serve an awesome God; Pastor Mike’s nurse is a believer and has read the column that Pastor writes for the Iowa home school newsletter. Randy, his nurse, has been a real comfort to Karla and all of us.

Please pray for Pastor Mike to have patience; his competitive nature is at odds with the process he’s in. Prior to surgery Pastor Mike took a breathing test and asked the nurse what the record was. It’s important he stays calm and allows his body time to heal. Pray that his blood pressure stays under the threshold and he doesn’t experience any bleeding.

I remind Pastor this is a marathon, he responds with a thumbs up and a smile. A quick note to say thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. The weeks ahead will not be easy and your continued pray is important.

God Bless


4 thoughts on “Saturday A.M. Update”

  1. Mike and family,

    I really appreciate Dean’s update. It is equally hard for all of us to remember that this is a marathon. We all tend to be impatient. We tend to pray fervently for short periods of time, but, like the disciples, are easily distracted and fall asleep. It’s a good lesson of faith for all of us to persevere with Mike, and to truly learn what it means to wait on the Lord.



  2. Karla-We are continually praying and the kids as well. We also have a lot prayer warriors up here who know Mike’s story and are praying as well. Brenda and I check the update every few hours. We certainly appreciate Dean’s updates.
    Hang in there! TC


  3. Mike, Karla, and family,

    All the people of Valley Church are praying for you. We shared the need for prayer last Sunday morning and spent time praying for you. We rejoice in your progress. We will continue in prayer and we love hearing updates. May God give you strength, healing, and patience. We love and appreciate you all. Quintin


  4. Mike, Karla and kids,

    Take it from one who has been there, you best response is “Be still and know that I am God.” Literally, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually. Your body needs time to adjust, and many prayers are offered to Heaven for just that.

    Doesn’t God have a neat way of making our priorities sharp! Your church family and God’s family of believers are lifting you up, and God will bring progress one day at a time. What a promise, to never leave us or forsake us!

    In Christ,

    Marge Hewlett from Clarence, New York


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