New Day, New Room

Mike has been kept very busy today.  He has done physical therapy, occupational therapy,  and moved out of the ICU.I decided that I needed more sleep, so I went home earlier last night and came in later today.  This morning I called the night nurse to find out if Mike had slept better.  He hadn’t, but the nurse finally figured out that Mike was a pastor and decided to do some speech therapy.  He figured that if Mike couldn’t sleep, he’d make him talk.  Nurse Dave is also a Christian, and he told me they had some good theological discussions.

This morning the occupational therapist and physical therapist were both in to work with Mike.  They both feel like progress is being made.  Mike sat on the side of the bed for quite awhile, and even stood to move to a wheelchair for the move to the 9th floor.  Mike likes this floor better, but I liked the personal attention from the nurses in the ICU.  I’m not convinced anyone knows he’s here!  Maybe he will actually be able to sleep tonight without being too bothered.

I also went on a tour on of the rehab unit today.  It is quite an impressive facility.  There is some concern that there will not be a bed available, so that is definitely something we could use prayer for.  Currently they only have double rooms available, and I’m sure Mike would prefer a single room.  Once rehab starts, it is like a 9-5 job.  They keep them busy all day and the patients are pretty much exhausted at night.  Quite a thing to think about beginning that a week after surgery!

I started this entry over two hours ago and am finally getting around to finish it!  Mike was able to get up into a regular chair for dinner.  They said it helps with his core strength.  It does make it harder eat, though.  He is either still really hungry or the food is not too bad, because he ate almost everything.

Benj enjoyed being around here today.  He was good for some laughs and helpful with Jared.  Jared actually went to play at someone’s house today.  They are relatives of some people who are in our church.  When we were almost there, he said that he wasn’t staying.  When I went to pick him up, he wanted to stay.  Go figure!  He had so much fun that he’s going back on Thursday.  Our friend from church, Kathleen, also came back, which is a real encouragement.

When the surgeon was in this morning, he said that we’re in Genesis now and the book is long.  Later Mike commented that it ends in the celestial city.  That’s what this persevering is all about.  We want to testify of God’s goodness in getting us from the beginning end.


12 thoughts on “New Day, New Room”

  1. More good news! Everyday you spend there is bringing you one day closer to coming home. We are so pleased that the therapy is going as planned. There are people asking about you in the store. I tell them GOOD things, Mike. You will be home and you will be your old self, or your young self, whichever you prefer! You will always be Young Pastor Evans to us! We, too, look forward to the day when you are back in our midst. Miss you all and are praying for you and for the family.

    John and Janet


  2. Good News Mike – Karla, we were so glad to hear that you got some extra rest last night and this morning. Jared having fun playing and going back to play on Thursday is also a relief for you and Benj.
    We are praying that Mike will be able to get a single room in the rehab unit because after his daily physical and occupational therapy, he’ll be physically and emotionally drained.
    So thankful to hear of Mike’s progress, less than a week after surgery!!!
    We’ll continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
    John & Sue


  3. Hi Karla!
    It’s wonderful to hear the wonderful news and how Mike is improving! We are continuing in prayer through this journey!
    Love you!
    Craig and Angie 🙂


  4. Praise God for his hand upon your family. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” easy for us to say bur I know there will be times in therapy when you”might” question if they know what they are doing. As for the food, I hope it is really good because I remember once when I had been in the hosp. for a week with no food. The first “food” they brought me was asparagus soup!!! I thought it was delicous but I have never wanted it again. All our prayers are with you. Jim and Linda


  5. I wonder if you know that 3rd floor has a great pediatric station with games, books, a wonderful waterbed to read together on, and toys. I am sure you can take advantage of it when your children are there. Maybe you will see a bald beauty there – They are extra special.


  6. What an answer to prayers. So glad to hear that Mike is progressing so well. Those Mayo Physical Therapist are such wonderful, generous, giving, insightful people….oh wait that is rather self serving.
    Keep up the hard work and get your sleep! I am sure that motivation will not be your problem.


  7. Mike, your determination in these first stages after surgery is an example to all of us reading your blog.
    “Looking to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith…..for you have need of endurance so that you may do the will of God and receive what is promised.” (Hebrews 12:2; 10:36) We sang Isaac Watts’ words Sunday from Psa. 121
    “No burning heats by day nor blasts of evening air
    shall take my health away, if God be with me there.
    Thou art my sun and Thou art my shade
    by night or noon to guard my head.”


  8. It sounds like things are going well. Praise the Lord! We are continuing to pray for Mike and the family. I have missed Karla and know that other members of In Training have also. We discuss what we have heard and read on the blog every day. From what I have gathered I don’t think I need to tell Mike to work hard on his physical therapy. I will, however, pray that he progresses quickly so you can all come home soon.


  9. Karla-So happy things are going well. We continue to pray, especially Elizabeth. Keep us updated on any signs of improvement on movement on his right side. God Bless, TC


  10. Karla,
    We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers for continued strength, healing, movement, peace and comfort. You will all be a blessing to so many you meet each day. God is using you through this to grow His kingdom and further His glory! Thanks for taking the time to blog ~ Smiles – Monica


  11. Praying for you (recovery) and for your impact
    for our Lord Jesus there these days!!!
    Be encouraged – HE promises, “I will never
    leave or forsake you so we may boldly say –
    the Lord is my Helper I will not fear …..”,
    Heb. 13:5,6///// and “Be of good courage,
    and HE shall strengthen your heart, all you
    that hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24
    Maranatha (the Lord’s with you & He’s coming


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