The Cause of the Fever

The doctor was just in and we now know the cause of the fever.

So far, two of the blood cultures indicate that Mike has a blood infection.  They are not sure where it came from, as it is not a kind of infection that is usually in the blood.  The infectious disease doctors are now working on difinitively identifying what the infection is.  We have been told it will take a couple of days. 

Mike’s temperature is slowly going down.  However, he has received all the tylenol he can have for the day, so he will probably end up on the cooling blanket here soon.  Currently his temperature is 102.74.  (Yes, I used a metric converter on the internet!)  His fever reached 105.8 at its highest, so it is down considerably. 

Mike is allergic to the kind of antibiotics usually used to treat this, but the allergist may be coming in tomorrow to see if they can use it anyway.  They would do the skin tests and see how he reacts.

Mike managed to do two sessions of occupational therapy today in spite of the fever.  Other than that, he has been pretty sleepy.  That may be the blessing of this all; he is finally getting some sleep.  That can’t hurt in fighting an infection!

This is probably the last post for the night, unless we have some big event.  I think we’ve had enough events for the week myself, so hopefully it’s all good from here.  Mike was able to talk a little bit this afternoon, but we are assuming it won’t get much better until the fever is gone.

Thank you for all the prayers!  We feel very upheld!


7 thoughts on “The Cause of the Fever”

  1. His mercies are new every morning… Gives us something to look forward to everyday… You guys are being troopers for the Lord.

    “be ye steadfast unmovable” I Cor. 15:58


  2. Karla,

    You did the right thing to have the surgery. The body takes time to heal and sometimes it’s “two steps forward / one step back”. Just think, today, in spite of the fever and the fact he’s back in ICU – he’s able to speak…..he’s able to have therapy….he’s been able to recognize and love you and the kids…..sometimes God tests us. We know that everything is not easy. Karen and I were talking tonight about how much we admire you and want to be there for you and Mike. You have all this support and most importantly, you have God on your side. Lean on us….lean on God, your faith (and Mike’s) will get you both through this.

    I was reading Psalm 95 this morning “for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture,
    the flock under his care.

    You and Mike are under his care. We all love you Karla. Hang in there and lean on us…lean on God.

    Larry & Karen


  3. Our God is a God that can do all things …
    Suddenly break an addiction…
    Suddenly heal your body…
    Suddenly give you that promotion…
    So keep your heart open and expect miracles that are
    Full of Faith. Give God something to work with.

    Jesus turned 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into lunch for 5,000 men,(Matthew 14:17),
    So too, God will take your faith in Him and
    Turn it into the everything you need.

    Satan’s goal is to steal your hope.
    He wants to get you to become discouraged and give up
    And settle for less than what God wants to give to you.
    Don’t be deceived!
    No matter how many disappointments you’ve encountered,
    God can and will turn things around for you
    In a split second . . .
    But in His split second … Not yours.

    With a blink of His eye, God can restore relationships . . .
    Solve each problem you face . . . .
    Just one touch from God can instantly change your life.

    So, each day, go before our Lord with your joy,
    Concerns, praise and request. Then wait patiently
    Knowing full well that your answers will come.
    Listen and you will hear His voice.

    ~~Amber Rose



  4. We’re continuing to pray, Karla.

    Can you find out the name of the bacteria? I would be interested. I’m sure you have the best of the best working on Mike. It would be really good to know where it came from.

    I know Mike was working hard to get strong and in shape prior to surgery. That hard work will pay off. I’m amazed that he was able to have therapy today, as sick as he is.

    We pray for rest for you, too, Karla.

    Craig and Angie


  5. Hola Karla, hey, we are praying for you, Mike and the kids in Spanish and Swahili before the “Throne of Grace”. With a group of pastors and leaders in Omaha, NE. and in Wichita last week and with our African congregation in Des Moines.
    In spanish the word hope is “Esperanza”. “May the God of HOPE fill you with ….peace as you trust in Him….” Rom. 15:13
    Con carino, love, Luis y Susan Martinez


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