Really, It is a New Day

When I talked to my sister last night, she said the tagline for yesterday’s post was deceptive.  She expected an encouraging report and felt duped.  She thought something like Here We Go Again would have been better.  She’s right.  Today is looking up, so we’ll try this tagline again!

It is almost 10 a.m., and so far today we’ve seen the primary doctor, an infectious disease doctor, a doctor from speech pathology to do a long assessment, the head of speech pathology, and the occupational therapist, who also happens to be a Luther grad.  The physical therapist got sent away because someone else beat him here.  Mike also ate breakfast in there somewhere.  Whew!

Mike’s fever went down overnight after he was put on the cooling blanket.  However, it does continue to fluctuate.  We have been told this will probably continue for awhile.  We will not know what the specific bacteria is that is causing the infection for a couple of days.  They also do not know where it came from, which appears to be a bigger issue than I initially thought.

The speech people were encouraging from my perspective, but not Mike’s.  He wants things to go really quickly and they aren’t.  His speech fluctuates with the fever, so at times it is better than others.

We have not been told when we will leave ICU, but I am guessing not until at least tomorrow.  It’s kind of hard to hear everyone else around here talking about leave after a day or two, when we have been here 10 out of the last 11 days.  That’s just me feeling sorry for myself.  I think Mike and I were both overly optismistic in our expecations.  We had hoped to be going home yesterday.

On another note, Gabbie vomited last night at about 4:30 a.m., all over my parent’s new carpet, new bed, and new bedding.  Ugh!  So, my mom had to take the day off to take care of her.  Please pray that none of the other kids get sick.  I feel terrible that my mom is having to deal with this.


5 thoughts on “Really, It is a New Day”

  1. Karla,
    We are praying for Mike’s recovery, the children’s health and your strength.
    God bless,
    Janet, Hugh, Sophia and Liliana Lenzer


  2. Dear Karla and Mike,
    Early last summer I had Mike and his mom on my mind. I have never wanted Mike to deal with ALZ like she did so I began to pray for Mike’s brain. Funny thing to pray for but I prayed that God would heal any cells that were out of place and to protect Mike’s mind so that he would know his family into old age. I still pray but last summer and early fall it was intense in that God brought it to me whenever I started praying both day and night until God gave me peace.
    A month or so later your journey began. Since Mike and I went to Hungry the first time, your family has been a special pray burden to carry thru the years…even since we’ve moved and I know nothing unless I see someone. I once said to Mike that I thought the difficulties of that time (before we had the building, and I don’t remember the difficulties of that time) were to prepare both of you for what was next. His reply was that you both planned to continue as you were. Perhaps the past difficulties (no perhaps) have prepared you for this time and these problems, and so dear Karla…rest in Him until there really is something for you to do.
    Let others love and care for your children and rest. I am sure that everyone has told you that so I’ll let it go.
    Finally, Mike walked thru my dreams last night. It was my first full night’s sleep in a month.
    When I woke up a retreat full of people were stuck in Atlanta with car problems. I should know by now that when one of your family walks thru my dreams it means I need to pray.
    I will and I am. Love, Donna Haxton


  3. Hi Karla,
    My name is Susie Thompson from Covenant Presbyterian Church in Des Moines.
    Mike was the youth pastor at our church long time ago.
    I don’t know if Mike remembers our kids or not.
    My kids names are Robert and Andy.
    They are all grown up and working now.
    I am terribly sorry to learn about Mike’s illness.
    We are praying for Mike’s recovery.
    I hope he gets to come home soon.
    May God be with Mike and your family always.



  4. My Sweet Miss Karla, Your mother sounds like a loving, gentle mom and grandma. If she’s anything like my mom, I’m sure she considers it an honor and priviledge to take care of her beautiful grandchildren; sick or not. Don’t feel bad, but rest knowing your children have a loving refuge right now in the midst of this short challenging season.

    I continue to pray for complete recovery and healing, hope, progress, and perseverance for you all! HE is mighty, and will carry you all through! Love you! ~Wendy


  5. Thanks for the updates. I look forward to them every day.
    I join you in praying for total and complete healing.
    “God is able to do exceedingly above and beyond anything we can ask…….or even think”



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