Saturday Morning

I finally made it to the hospital at 10 this morning.  I managed 9 hours of sleep!  Mike had told me to take the day off, but I declined.  I woke up to a blanket of snow, but the roads weren’t too bad.

Mike is doing fine this morning.  There is really not much new happening.  His temperature is not normal yet, so I am hoping that they keep him in the ICU until that is under control.  We found out yesterday that he can move directly from ICU to rehab, so that is what I am hoping for.

Right now Mike is quite bored.  The therapy people will hopefully be in today, but it is not a sure thing on Saturday.  Therapy takes a lot of time and wears him out.  Maybe he’ll be up to reading some blog comments today!

My sister came down for the day and we are going to look for clothes to wear in rehab.  He brought mostly jeans and pullover shirts, which is not the right clothing for rehab.  So, it will be interesting to see what we come up with.

Dean, from our church, is heading home today.  He asked Mike if he there was any message to relay to the church.  Mike said, “Tell them God’s word is true.  All of it.”  That’s a good word for the day.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning”

  1. Dear Mike, Karla and family,
    You have been in my daily prayers for God to provide you strength, comfort, patience and a full recovery. Your blogs have been encouraging and God will continue to be with you.
    I even had a dream that when you returned to church you were received by a standing ovation from your congregation and you greeted them by going up and down the aisles and giving them high fives with both hands. Gloria Hallelulah!!


  2. Sounds like God in His time is getting His will accomplished. Glad to hear healing, sleeping, and
    improving are happening.

    Psalm 37:7
    Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him:


  3. Mike and Karla
    St Cloud awakened this morning…to over 4 inches of new snow! It glistens…in the bright sunshine of this day!
    From my mini-calendar of Psalms…
    “Thou has considered my trouble.” Ps 31:7
    with the response…
    “Thank you for always listening.”
    Prayers of encouragement, hope and healing!! Yes…and of the, sometimes…”gift of boredom”. Use it for rest and refreshment.
    God bless you both.
    Ruby Ralston Olson


  4. Karla, I would suggest pink and light green sweatsuit would work best for therapy. A Speedo swimsuit would also be very appropriate to wear under his sweats. Take it from me, Mike may protest intially, but secretly he will be very pleased to wear this type of outfit!

    Just full of good advice, Dave!

    You guys are in our prayers.


  5. Dear Karla,
    Just want you to know that I check this blog several times a day to follow Mike’s progress. He and you are in our prayers.
    Blessings, Cheryl Dean


  6. ‘In Christ alone, my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song,
    This Cornerstone, this Solid Ground, Firm through the fiercest droughts and storms!!’

    I pray that you can SENSE His firm foundation – strong beneath your feet! (Because I know that you KNOW it in your heads – may he fill your hearts with the COMFORT from knowing it!!)

    Blessings on you this new day!
    We love you!
    Karol for Terry, too!


  7. LOL, Dave I am with you, would make for great therapy and photos. Would make it even better if we could all send an outfit of choice would make for some great workouts and one terrific laugh for the day for Mike and his family.

    God bless you Karla and Mike.


  8. Karla and Mike,

    So glad to hear that things are improving and that you are doing much better Mike. You have both been in our prayers and our thoughts during the last several days. May our Lord give you a special day today. With our love and prayers in Christ. Bob & Paula Spilger


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