Blood Clot Update

The procedure to insert the filter in the vein went well.

Mike went down for the procedure at 10:45, and was back in the room at 12:15.  He had to lay flat, again, until 2.  Then he ate lunch and started back in on the therapy.  No rest for him today!  He went from occupational to speech to physical therapy.

Therapy has been going very well.  The physical therapist he saw today may be the one he has in rehab.  She was very encouraging and optimistic.  I think that is a requirement for the job.  It has been quite amazing to see him get some movement in his hand and arm.

We are anxious to get into rehab tomorrow!  Since insurance limits the days, I am assuming we will have a schedule by Wednesday.  I am planning to go home this weekend and really looking forward to spending some time with our kids!


5 thoughts on “Blood Clot Update”

  1. Karla,

    With all the “medicine” Mike has been getting these last few weeks, it’s your turn for some good medicine – your children! I pray the rest of the week goes amazingly well for everyone and that you will feel free to come home to those great Evans children!


  2. Dear Mike and Karla,
    I know it is considered by some to be a dreadful cliche to refer to Job at times like this, but then what can I say, I am dreadful and cliche. And at the same time when I read of your blood-clot I thought of how I would feel if I were you and that I would not be encouraged. In fact I expect I would be murmuring. Therefore I am sending you the second sentence in John Calvin’s first sermon on Job (he went on to preach 158 more on Job before he was finished). The second sentence is a run on sentence and I know that you already believe everything that he says — but I hope it will encourage you to have him assuring you that what you believe is right. Calvin said,

    ‘The story here written shows us how we are in the hand of God, and that it belongs to him to order our lives and to dispose of them accordinng to his good pleasure, and that our duty is to submit ourselves to him in all humility and obedience, that it is quite reasonable that we be altogether his both to live and to die; and even if it should please Him to raise His hand against us; though we may not perceive for what cause He does it, nevertheless we should glorify Him always, confessing that He is just an equitable, that we should not murmur against Him, that we should not enter into dispute, knowing that if we struggle against Him we should be conquered…’

    There, I told you it was a run on sentence. Thinking of you both and praying for you daily — actually many times a day.



  3. So glad to hear your procedure went well. I’ll have to tell you about mine later. Karla, let me know when you want to get out for lunch again or if you want to do anything else!


  4. Hey Mike,

    I don’t when you’re going to find the time or have the opportunity to read all the well wishes you’ve received. Wow! It’s great to see the outpouring of love and concern that everyone has for you. Not that I’m a bit surprised. Who couldn’t love Mike Evans? I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you daily and praying for your complete recovery.



  5. Hey Mike and Karla,

    Just wanted you to know the state of WI is lifting your whole family up in prayer. It’s comforting and encouraging to know that you are being blanketed in prayer. You probably didn’t realize you had so many friends and so many people that care. We’re rootin for you!

    Brent Schneider LC’ 86


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