The Morning After the Second Surgery

The night went well for Mike, which is what we wanted.  We had quite a crew arrive last night.  It was especially helpful for me to see the boys.  Even teenage boys help bring some levity to a very stressful situation!

There is really not much to report.  So far the fluid from the head wound has not grown bacteria, so we are hoping that does not need surgery again.  The just took Mike off the ventilator, so he will be much more awake now.  I am hoping he does not have too much pain.  I think this surgery will hurt a lot more than the brain surgery.  He never did ask for much pain medication following that.

They are trying to get his blood pressure high enough on its own and then will move him out of ICU, which is really just down the hall.  Quite strange, two weeks ago he was on meds to keep his blood pressure low and now he’s on them to raise his blood pressure.  We also just found out they gave him medication to keep him from remembering this part.  I’d like some, but I’ll bet they won’t give me any.

Mike still doesn’t know what happened.  He is not going to believe this one!  I am feeling bad for Dr. Meyer.  He came in and just shook his head.  He said that he has never seen anything like this.  I feel like we are going back in the right direction.  Now we need to pray that he’ll be able to sleep once he realizes he’s in ICU again.

I’ll try to post again tonight.  Hopefully Mike will be talking and letting us know how he feels.


14 thoughts on “The Morning After the Second Surgery”

  1. Your comment about wanting some medication to not remember this part had me rolling on the floor. Keep crying. Keep laughing. We’ll all keep praying.

    “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and wait for the LORD” (Psalm 27:13,14).


  2. I am glad the night was much better than the previous few. I pray today is “uneventful” with stressful situations. Loved your comment on you wanting medication….love your spunk.

    will keep praying and holding fast to God’s love and faithfulness.

    talk to you soon.

    Stacey and Marcus


  3. Karla, let Mike know that I was awakened a few times during the night with the prompting to pray for Mike, and then 4:00 pm hit and it was clear – get up and pray for an extended time!

    Let Mike know I expect him to be healthy and alert for promptings which may come his way when I need prayer!

    “The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10


  4. Dear Karla, this is from our oldest son, Bobby, who is now stationed in Afghanistan. He sent this is morning to you and Mike but I can not figure out how to deleted all the unnecessary stuff beyond his loving message to you too. See, I always knew you and Mike would have a world-wide impact! Love, Donna Haxton
    — On Fri, 2/27/09, ROBERT HAXTON wrote:
    Okay Karla, I just deleted his message. Essentially he wanted to encourage you and let you know that Camp Eggers Afghanistan is standing with you in prayer. He will mention this prayer request in church on Sunday and at Bible study tonight. (Wow, this from the one son we have always been really concerned about!)


  5. Karla, we continue to watch each day and pray for both you and Mike and the children.

    We love you,
    Bill and Barbara


  6. Karla,
    You are an amazing woman of strength surrounded by such love and caring people. We continue to pray that the lastest surgery was just another test of endurance and will get us closer to hearing the good news of Mike’s recovery. I love the song Great is thy Faithfullness and it seems appropriate for you and all those that support you at this time. Jan & Doug Johnson


  7. Karla and Mike,
    We have been staying updated and doing a lot of praying for you both. You are both fighters and that is evident to all who are reading. I really believe that there is a testimony so big that is being build from all that you are going through and it is glorifying to God.

    God bless,
    Danny and Connie Hodges


  8. Karla & Mike, What a rollercoaster! My thoughts & prayers are with you many times each day. Even with my heavy heart last evening I was given the memory of I song I used to sing.”HE THAT BEGAN A GOOD WORK IN YOU WILL BE FAITHFUL TO COMPLETE IT” Philppians1:6. I believe this to be true of the two of you. Keep your eyes on Him as you go through these trials for HE is faitnful. Love you both Aunt Joan


  9. Karla & Mike – Thinking of, and praying for, you many times a day, as is our church family. Glad to hear of the progress! And let’s hear it for the levity of teenage boys (which is the age when I met Mike). Thank you for keeping us posted.



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