Where the Blood Clots Came From

Hematology got involved today, and they think they know where the blood clots came from.  After running some blood tests today, it was discovered that Mike is allergic to heparin.  What this means is that the stuff meant to prevent the clots probably caused them.  He started on the heparin last Monday.  This was given to him by shots in the abdomen.  The theory is that his body saw it as invasive and in attacking it formed clots, which then moved to the heart and lungs.

Needless to say, he is now on a different blood thinner.  Hopefully we won’t have this problem again!

Mike was much more talkative today.  He also saw the physical therapist who had him sitting up already.  So, while he’s lost ground, everyone is hopeful that progress will start again.  They also are still talking about rehab midweek, so we’ll see!

Thanks for praying for us and for all the encouragement!


7 thoughts on “Where the Blood Clots Came From”

  1. Karla & Mike,

    It is good to hear that there is some progress in the last few days. We have been concerned about you and have been praying for you both. Especially for Mike that God would touch him and bring about a good recovery from all that has happened. We have shared your situation with our church family and they have been praying. Last evening one of our church’s leaders remembered both of you before the Lord in a special prayer time that we had in our small group. Just want to continue to encourage you and let you know that we stand with you in prayer for Mike’s recovery and are looking to the time that you will be able to be home again. With all of our love in Jesus Christ. Bob & Paula Spilger


  2. Wow, talk about living out, “if it’s not one thing, it’s another”…you two are definitely doing that! We’re thankful that you have all the experts at your disposal there so that all the diagnoses can be made quickly. Any other place, they might still be scratching their heads over the source of the clots. Once again, God is working out everything for His glory and for Mike’s recovery. Now we can pray once again for great progress in rehab!

    Thanks as always, Karla, for keeping us posted so well.



  3. Karla and Pastor Mike,
    WOW, what a journey you have been through. Levi and I have been praying for you both and Pastor’s recovery. I see God working his glory right through the both of you. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, in the midst of it all.
    We love you
    Rochelle and Levi


  4. Ahhhh…..Heparin. Chloe gets it all the time so that her port stays clear of blood clots. Interesting how a thinner can actually thicken….Very complicated. Three cheers for Hematology. Yea Yea Yea.

    Chloe has appts next Tues the 10th…..hopefully we can connect. It is a not so bad chemo visit next week.


  5. Dear Karla and Mike,


    I am rooting for the Angel of the Lord, who has been watching over you and your caregivers, even to help undo unknowing missteps. Amazing.

    We continue to lift you up in prayer, to share the frustration of your setbacks, and to rejoice in signs of progress and hope.

    Nice to have Mike talkative again. Surely a sign of heading in the right direction!

    Best wishes from my family and from our brothers and sisters in Christ here,
    Tom T.


  6. Dear Mike and Karla
    So glad to hear such great news.
    We missed you at the conference today — it isn’t the same without you.



  7. Karla,
    Praise God. It is so good to hear that Mike is getting his strength back. I am so glad they figured out about the medication. You all are in my prayers. God bless you. Love Kathy


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