Wednesday Night in Rehab

Mike did make the move to rehab today, much to my surprise!  I had a friend coming to go out for lunch with me.  When she got there, I told her that all of sudden we were headed downstairs.  Fortunately she was able to wait long enough for us to grab a quick lunch at Cafe Presto.

This roommate situation is much better than last time.  Mel is an older gentleman from around here who had a logging accident and is now in a wheelchair.  He is very quiet, respectful, and interesting to talk to.  He took it upon himself to encourage Mike tonight!

We also had a group of Mennonites stop in to sing tonight.  There were probably about 10 of them and they sounded beautiful.  It made me realize how much I missed being at church the last three weeks.

Tomorrow everything really starts up.  Mike will have a schedule with the bare minimum to start out with.  As his strength builds up, they will increase his activities.  They are also watching his calorie intake make sure he is eating enough.  They did not do that last time.  I’m sure our friend Marla the dietician is glad to hear that!  The funny thing about his diet is that he needs to let people know if he suddenly wants to eat large amounts of green vegetables, as this would seriously mess with his coumadin levels!

I’m about to head out.  Since Mike has a roommate, I am not allowed to spend the night on a cot.  I am confident in the nursing care so far, which is good.  Mike is comfortable with it, which is the most important thing.  Good night!


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Night in Rehab”

  1. Karla, you are awesome! Every day brings something new. And you continue to handle whatever is dealt to you one day at a time. With amazing grace, I may add.
    Mike obviously still has a long road ahead of him, but I know he will continue to astound all those that are caring for and working with him. That is just Mike’s way. And with God orchestrating every single encounter, session, interaction, etc. you are all dealing with each day, it brings a certain amount of peace.
    God bless you. Continued prayers from Lenexa, KS.


  2. Karla,

    Thank you so much for taking the time for keep all of us updated. You do such a wonderful job of providing all the information to keep us informed. You should be a writer! We are so happy that Mike is in “recovery mode” and seems better with each day. The fact that God placed all the right people in the right place at the right time is further proof that God is at work here. You’ve been so amazingly strong and steadfast during this time. We want to be there for you – we love you!


  3. We continue to lift you and your family up to our Abba Father! Thanking Him for the progress.


  4. Dear Karla,
    As I have gotten older I have become increasingly bothered by heights. In watching a film on he building of the Empire State Building it was overwhelming for me to think of walking on bare steel girders 100 floors and more than a thousand feet off the ground. The men doing it said that it is simple if you just concentrate on the girder you are standing on and never allow yourself to look at the ground.

    I think this is what Jesus is saying to you in relation to time right now. If you life your eyes past this days girder that you are standing on and ask ‘how many days like this are there — how long is this process going to take? When will we be a normal family again you will get dizzy with fear and anxiety. So it this that Jesus says,

    Matthew 6:33 – 7:1 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

    Keep your eye on Jesus today — He is showing up for you today with todays grace — Keep your eye on Jesus today. He is doing the same for Mike and the same for your children. Don’t look down, look at today and you will see that you can get through today.

    I will, as soon as I send this get on my knees and ask the Lord to get you through today, and that He will enable Mike to have a day of progress in surgery — the Lord Jesus can grant both of these requests — I will be begging Him to do so.

    Shirley and I love you both and grieve for your trials but rejoice in your faith and in the growth and depth that God is surely working in you through these painful, painful days.

    Standing on the relatively sunny sandy shore and calling out hopeful news and Jesus grounded advice into your dark storm.



  5. (Correction)

    I will, as soon as I send this get on my knees and ask the Lord to get you through today, and that He will enable Mike to have a day of progress in surgery (therapy not surgery) — the Lord Jesus can grant both of these requests — I will be begging Him to do so.

    I haven’t been through surgery and my mind still isn’t so sharp.


  6. A Tribute to a Friend

    Michael Evans is his name,
    Life to him is no mere game;
    He loves his children, adores his wife,
    He sucks the marrow out of life.

    He is a man of many talents,
    Which he pursues in proper balance;
    Behind a camera, on a keyboard bench,
    Holding a javelin, hammer or wrench.

    If the waitress is stingy with the grated cheese,
    He is not bashful: “I’ll take some more, please!”
    At Grandma’s Saloon or the Cheescake Factory,
    He loves to satisfy his senses olfactory.

    He preaches with passion, true to the Word
    His zeal is evident to all who have heard.
    With sharpness of intellect he parses the text,
    Always faithful to the Scripture context.

    He serves his church faithfully, with wisdom and wit,
    Together these years, it seems a good “fit.”
    Though I am sure there are times of trial or stress,
    They know he desires them to toward God onward press.

    If you are an Arminian, you better beware,
    Mike has little patience for those who go there;
    He’ll take you to task with a Biblical razor,
    You’ll feel like your hit with a policeman’s tazer.

    I do love my friend, though I’m hesitant to say,
    In case you will think I am in a closet way gay.
    I am not the only one, of that I am sure.
    He has many friends believing that this trial he’ll endure.

    Recently my friend nearly died, as you know,
    And if he had left us, to heaven he’d go;
    But God has great plans for him, of that I am sure,
    Calling many to follow Him, with hearts that are pure.

    Tim Trudeau


  7. What a wonderful balance, Tim, of serious reverence and humor!! We’d always wondered about the closet gay thing!! 🙂
    We love Mike, too!! And Mike and Terry share that same ‘guys sharing a hotel room, “What?! There’s no extra cot??!!” feeling!

    Mike & Karla – we are praying for a stellar Thursday, as its been awhile . . .


  8. Greetings
    Just a quick note I was very encouraged to see the progress Pastor has made from Saturday to Wednesday. Pastor mentioned he was tired, I told him that was common after getting hit twice by a train :). Before Pastor had his first surgery I shifted my quite time to Ps. God is our refuge, our strength, our fortress; He gives us what we need each day as we look to Him. I know both of you are looking and God is supplying.

    Just as the therapists left yesterday he looked at Pastor and said tomorrow we get the show on the road, Pastor gave a thumbs up and said “I’m ready”.

    Old Cowboy

    PS I really like Tim’s Tribute, need to meet this guy 🙂


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