The Kids are Coming!

For the past couple of days, Mike and I have been discussing when I should go back home for a couple of days.  We had decided that I would go home today and try to come back on Tuesday.  When I got back from lunch yesterday, Mike said, “I’ve got an idea.  How about if the kids come up here for the day on Saturday, so they can see me up and without tubes.”  I thought that was a great idea!

So, my parents are on their way up with the kids.  We have the dining room reserved and we’ll go get pizza for lunch, which is a more normal thing to do than sit in a hospital room and chat with your dad.  Mike is very excited about this, and hopefully the kids are too!  The girls have only talked to him on the phone, so it should be good for them to talk to him in person.  Later this afternoon I will head back home with the kids.

Mike slept well again last night.  I’ll never make fun of another Ambien commercial again!  It really helps everything to be more rested.  He is frustrated with his inability to do what he wants to do.  He told me that I have no idea what it’s like not to be able to do things he wants to do.  He did not say it in a  mean way, just a frustrated, matter-of-fact way.  He’s right, I don’t know what it’s like, and neither does anyone close to us.   Mike’s roommate, Melvin, knows parts of it, but his abilities are different than Mike’s, so he can’t understand perfectly.  I have paid attention to how much I actully use my left hand, and I use it a lot more than I thought.  Then there is the inability to walk, or squat, or bend, or move over on the bed, or…  I don’t understand.

As you think of our family over the next few days, please remember that I will be home with the kids and Mike will be here alone.  I did not feel well during the night.  I never vomited, so I think it was just what I call “stress stomach.”  I really want to be home with the kids, but I also do not want to leave Mike here without me to check on him.  All the doctors seem to think it’s a good idea, so I’ll just have to trust that I’m doing the right thing.  We have friends from town that will make brief visits, just to make sure he’s doing okay and to get food if the meals are too bad!  We appreciate all the prayers on our behalf.


4 thoughts on “The Kids are Coming!”

  1. karla,
    just a word of encouragement….
    i remember having to choose to leave my son after almost loosing him, and then again after another near death accident…. we were in the hospital for a month or so each time…. it is very hard to leave….
    but as hard as it is….. it will be a good thing for you and the kids……
    God has this under control…..girlfriend…..and the prayers continue to flood heavens gates for all of you….
    i am praying for the peace that surpasses ALL understanding, as you choose the other part of meeting your families needs….it will be refreshing to see home and it will feel good to get back to mike…….
    God will bless you with the strength you need for this too…..

    much prayer…..


  2. I know, in part, what it is like to not be able to walk and to have to relearn, to not be able to speak, to have visual loss/problems, to not be able to use my hands, and remember each time how frustrating it was to not know when or if I would ever be able to do those things again… I have also been the “watcher” who sits beside the one I love and to see them not be able to sit, stand, walk, speak, move the arm, etc (Asenath in particular) and know how badly you want to do “something” to help and yet be unable to do anything concrete but comfort and pray… Having been on both ends has given me a look into what others deal with in similar circumstances or what they may be thinking about/feeling during these times, yet, more than anything what I have learned is that only God can give me peace and assurance that no matter what occurs, things will be ok because they are within his sovereign plan, for our good…
    “Isaiah 41:10, 13 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand…. For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”


  3. Karla & Mike,

    It does sound like there are some major improvements of which we rejoice with you. We were glad that your children were going to be with you too. Being separated from those we love and care so much about is difficult. So we are glad that you are able to be together. We will be remembering you as you head home and spend a few days there. We will also be praying for Mike as he continues in therapy trusting that God will give him good results, and that you will sense His peace as you are apart. This morning following worship one of our men asked about you as I been sharing with a couple of small groups that I lead about your situation. Doug shead tears of joy when he heard about the improvement you are making Mike, and rejoiced at how God has given you this opportunity to glorify Him in this very strange twist of events. We love you and pray for you often and are so thankful to you Karla in keeping us up dated. May God bless and keep you both in the week ahead. Bob & Paula Spilger


  4. Mike…I hope you can laugh about your limitations soon. I know the circumstances surrounding your struggle are not funny, and certainly you are on a floor where humor is probably scarce. I’ll be praying the Lord will give you another perspective, for as the Proverb says, laugher is good medicine.

    I want to encourage you with yet another story. I watched a program on people with brain injuries a few weeks ago, and they profiled a man who was in a car accident. The accident took the life of his mother and left him with a very specific brain injury, the result is that he cannot recognize living things. He cannot name what he is looking at, nor does he recognize familiar faces. Not of his wife or his daughter, no one he loves, no one. When shown a picture of his own face, he doesn’t even recognize himself, and in fact, doesn’t like the person he’s seeing! He cannot name animals by their looks, but if they make a sound, he can. That is how he knows he is looking at his daughter. She walked by him in a market place over and over, but he only “knew” her when she asked him what time it was. His brain damage is permanent, as far as they know…and he deals with it by using humor. He realizes it isn’t something he can change, and is thankful that he can at least recognize his daughter by her voice…and he’s around to hug her.

    One of the sober perspectives I have gotten from my own experience is this, I really have an understanding I could not have had before for people who cannot help the way they are, or the way they are not. Like people who’ve had a stroke, and even those who are struggling with addictions that affect the brain. (Makes me think of the seizure you had that you were aware of…and could do nothing about. I’ve thought of your description of that often.) I’ve said to my own family, “You don’t understand,” but I think they want to. Honestly, I don’t think I even fully grasp that I cannot be the way I was before, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can choose to laugh, and at times I do. I can choose to cry, and I do that too. And there are times I get angry with my body, but I’m realizing that isn’t a good choice.

    You know, I don’t think “almost” is a word in God’s vocabulary, so I cannot say that you “almost” died with the blood clot issue…but if the Lord had not lined up things in just the right way…. I’m still amazed that you can walk, and yet you can’t lift your leg. All these things make me say, “God, you are amazing!”

    Karla, may the Lord bring you safely home, both of you.


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