{Mike speaks again}Words Can Express How Grateful I Am To You All…They Just Escape Me Right Now.

After going through serious brain surgery for the removal of a peach-sized AVM, experiencing sleep deprivation for what seemed like 100 days on end, a blood infection, at least 22 blood clots in my lungs…one of which was 7 centimeters in length, open heart surgery, and who knows what else (I haven’t even read my own blog for nearly 25 days)  I can honestly report to you all that the  LORD is still my strength and my song.

And that my wife Karla is precious beyond compare!  Not only for enduring all that she has had to go through, but also for updating and informing all of you at the tail end of many rough days.

I am still largely “out” on my right side, meaning I have very little movement there.  The substance of my right side movement is a slight movement in my thumb.  While I cannot yet lift my leg, I can somehow walk…. even unassisted!   I also have good resistance strength.  I am able to resist one way yet not in others.

Anyway keep praying!

(posting took 2 hrs)


17 thoughts on “{Mike speaks again}Words Can Express How Grateful I Am To You All…They Just Escape Me Right Now.”

  1. Great to hear from you Mike. Keep the updates coming! It gives us specific things to be praying for. By the way, you’ve always been pretty good at “resisting”. 🙂

    Praying frequently and fervently,

    The Wittenbergs


  2. Great to hear from you, Mike! We have been praying for you all the way down here in San Antonio. While I haven’t met Karla, her words have been a source of inspiration the past month or so.

    Continued progress and may God continue to bless you and your family!

    Tina (Mulbrook) Dube


  3. God bless you Mike on who you where, who you are and who you are becoming, You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts daily. Life is good, God is good and it works. You are going to make it and have so much more to give back as you always have. Bless all of you Candy


  4. SO good to hear from you, Mike! You and Karla have been through much and none of us can begin to imagine what your journey has been like. But we all continue to trust God as He leads you day by day – and all of us.

    It was wonderful to have Karla and the kids at church today – but I found myself still expecting to see you and a nice full potluck plate.

    God bless you and yours!



  5. Mike,

    It is so good to hear you speak. We have remembered you in our prayers every day. Karla has been nothing short of remarkable in her ability to report details about your condition, and as such, we have watched the blog closely. We will continue to pray for you in the days to come with the spirit Paul conveyed in one of his letters to the Church at Corinth: “Thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ, and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him!”

    Love, Brent, Laurie, and Hunter


  6. Mike, I’m thrilled to hear from you again! It is hard to believe everything you have been through since you left here. I’m glad you were up their with all the excellent expert Drs. that have been treating you. Karla has been such a trooper keeping us all updated so well.
    I’m addicted to this blog, I check to see what news there is first thing in the morning when I get up. Then I check a couple time during the day just in case, and again before I go to bed each night. I’ve shared your blog with many people as I know obviously each of us has. My husband, who hasn’t even met you, asks me nightly “How’s Mike?” The teaching of faith & strength throughout this whole process that you & Karla have shown & shared amazes me.
    My uncle was paralyzed from the neck down & had to go to PT & OT & I went with him a time or two. I know they work you out hard, but as you can already tell it pays off. His accident was 30 yrs. ago this year & he’s still walking today. Keep up the great work, but remember to not be too hard on yourself! Can’t wait to see you & Karla circling our block out on your walks. Take care & sleep well.
    Many thoughts & prayers,
    Vicky Boyle


  7. While I cannot yet lift my leg, I can somehow walk…. even unassisted!

    So this makes me cry and rejoice at the same time.



  8. Mike,

    Amen to the previous post from Brent Ward. He referenced 1 Cor 2:14 and it’s exactly why I wrote to you here several weeks ago that it’s an amazing and encouraging thing to watch a Godly man go through a trial with Christ: because as he endures and as he says, as you just did, “…I can honestly report to you all that the LORD is still my strength and my song,” you are thankful to God, you are being led by Christ, and you are spreading everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.

    Not only are you obtaining the goal of your faith, the salvation of your soul (1 Peter 1:9), but you are accomplishing the highest objective of all the saints: glorifying God before His people and the world. You know many are watching and for you to say (and believe!) that the LORD is your strength and song after what you and your family have endured these past days and weeks and months, is indeed glorifying your Father in heaven. Stay strong and courageous!

    We’ve got your back (in prayer) here in Thailand!

    Scott for the Harpe Family


  9. It is so wonderful to hear from you again, Pastor Mike! Thanks for letting Karla come home for a few days – it was so good to see her with the children!

    Today we sang “Power of the Cross” and “God Moves in a Mysterous Way” and my mind kept coming back to you singing those words so many times with all your heart and soul. We are praying, praying as you are working, working…

    We miss you,
    Kathy, for the Hardy Family


  10. Hi Mike,

    You have always inspired me! As all your friends have been doing Bill and I have had you in prayer often during the day, every day. I have already been thanking him for your complete healing.

    Karla is your jewel, to say the least, and she has been your strength (with Him) when you couldn’t be strong for yourself.

    Be patient as you get well Mike. Everyone I know is pulling for you – and praying most of all. To God be the glory!

    We love you,
    Bill and Barbara


  11. Mike, It was so good to see you yesterday. It was great to laugh at old high school pictures and reminisce about people and events of the 80’s. Keep up the faith and the hard work in rehab – I’ll stop up with a Jelly Belly run… Ann


  12. Dear Mike,

    We are still “on the road” (heading to Mississippi now), and we are praying for you wherever we are. I read Karla’s post telling about the wonderful visit you had with your kids, and I cried like a baby when I imagined how hard you worked in PT to do your best for them. What a great Dad! It sheds a precious new light on how your Heavenly Father feels as He works on your behalf, doesn’t it?

    We love you and your family and are steadfast in prayer for all of you. God bless you.

    Joe and Diane


  13. Pastor Mike,

    Oh how wonderful it is to see you post online! You have been in my thoughts and prayers. It is amazing to see the work that God is doing through you. I am anxiously awaiting the day that you return to Crossroads and give your first sermon!

    Nicole Avis


  14. We are wishing we were closer so that we could come visit while Karla is home with the kids!! (NOT that we don’t want to see Karla, mind you!!) She IS more precious than jewels – of that we are sure!

    Keep on keeping on, dear brother!! So glad you are lifting your arm today!! (we read ahead!!) This is all SO MUCH to God’s glory which we know is your greatest desire!

    Continuing in daily prayer for you!
    Terry & Karol


  15. Pastor Mike, praise God for everything today! I have a large prayer group in Oklahoma praying for you and your family. I called the church office the other day, just to hear your voice on the recorder, what joy that voice brought to me.
    The Van Diest Family


  16. Hi, Uncle Mike!!!!
    It’s awesome to hear that you’re doing a lot better. We were kinda worried about you there for a while. Mom is in Dodge visiting us and was so excited to show us your blog post. We’re praying for you, and hope you get to go home soon. Love you!
    ~Kimberly Lloyd


  17. Hi Mike,
    It’s great to see you posted your own comments, even though it took you 2 hours! That sounds like some of my sermon preparation! You are making progress, and that is very encouraging, I’m sure. We have very little control over our starting point or destination, but we can “keep pressing toward the mark” on our journey toward Christ-likeness. What a joy to know that “it will be worth it all, when we see Christ”!! We’re still praying for you here in Grinnell. Keep looking up!!

    Don Johnston


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