Saturday was a Good Day!

Mike and I both thought that Saturday was a very good day!  It started after a good night’s sleep for Mike and ended with me getting home for a couple days with the kids.

What a joy it was to have the kids up to visit Mike!  They were all relieved that other than being much thinner, Dad is looking pretty good.  We reserved the dining room so that we could all eat pizza together.  We decided that Mike needs to eat pizza more often because he eats a lot of it! 

Then it was off to physical therapy where everyone was impressed that he was walking and going up and down the short set of steps.  The girls were at the gift shop when Mike started, so they didn’t know he was walking.  As they were coming down the hall, you could hear Elisabeth say very excitedly, “Look!  Dad’s walking!”  He was also able to hold a large size dowel and work on picking it up and down.  He ended that session by walking from the therapy gym back to his room.  Quite amazing!

PT was closely followed by occupational therapy.  Mike was pretty wiped out after that, so we got ready to head for home.  He was so happy to get to see the kids!  Luke even played the songs from a piano performance we had missed, which Mike thouroughly enjoyed.  We got home around 10 and rushed to get everyone to bed.  The night was too short with the time change.

I just got done talking to Mike and it sounds like he got quite a bit more therapy in today.  He actually walked to and from the therapy gym, which is quite a trek.  I am anxious to see how much he has improved when I get back!

It was so good to be back at church this morning.  After not attending church for the past three weeks, I enjoyed the music and the sermon and all the wonderful people in our church!  These people have been providing food and cleaning our house and fixing our garage and taking care of children.  We had a potluck today, and I was very grateful for the extended time of fellowship.

We are now off to look for Easter dresses.  I am hoping that Mike is home by Easter.  I have a feeling it will be an especially significant resurrection celebration for our family this year!


2 thoughts on “Saturday was a Good Day!”

  1. Mike, Sorry you missed a great potluck, I ate enough for both of us. Keep up the hard work, we’ll see you real soon. Karla, it was great to see you and hear about Mike in person. We can only imagine and shutter to think what it is like to go through this. Praying for you always. Denny


  2. I am so encouraged by your trip home and the way the therapy is progressing. My prayers are with you every day. Love, Darlene


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