Back at Mayo

I just realized that I never posted yesterday.  I think that’s the first time since February 10th.  Benj and I arrived here at 1:30 today and I couldn’t wait to see Mike!

He was gone when we got here, and we tracked him down in a hallway.  He was just finishing up walking up and down a ramp.  He is now able to move from the wheelchair to wherever he needs to be with just a little assistance from a nurse.  That is a big improvement!

Mike has also obviously been eating!  He is still skinny but his face looks much better.  I really did not like  the gaunt look.  I think Gabbie will be much happier with the way he looks, too.  Our friends from Luther have taken it upon themselves to help fatten him up.  They stopped by briefly when they were in town, and brought a large bowl of Coldstone ice cream.  There is more than enough for after dinner!

Benj and I went to speech therapy with Mike.  He is very frustrated with the speed with which his speech is improving.  The speech therapist today was very encouraging.  She asked him questions about his beliefs and he was able to articulate what he wanted to, albeit slowly.  She made a point of saying that for the time being it is best to try to say things simply, even though he normally wouldn’t do that.  That is very diffcult for him.  She mentioned that other clients she has seen who are intelligent are also frustrated with the simplicity and speed.  I personally thougth it was a good conversation!

I drove the car up instead of the van, so I switched CDs, although I still listened to just Sovereign Grace CDs!  Iwas listening to The Valley of Vision CD.  It reminded me of when Mike asked someone who was visiting to read the 23rd Psalm.  The person asked why, to which he said, “I’ve been to the valley of the shadow of death and I’m still here.”  It’s a hard place to be, thankful for being alive but not progressing as fast as he wants.  We are all working hard to keep the right perspective!


7 thoughts on “Back at Mayo”

  1. This message was in my devotional today and I thought of both of you and your family.

    Even in my darkest hour
    The Lord will bless me with His power;
    His loving grace will sure abound,
    In His sweet care I shall be found.

    God’s whisper of comfort quiets the noise of our trials.


  2. While I was reading my bible this evening I came on scripture that has meant something to me in the past. I hope it will be meaningful to both of you today.

    Mark 11:24 – Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, BELIEVE that you have received them, and they WILL BE GRANTED TO YOU!

    That’s why I daily thank God for your complete healing. It will just take time – His time, and not ours.

    Love to you both,


  3. Thanks so much for taking time to post these blogs. They are so helpful in understanding what you all are going through and to have specific things to pray about with you.

    Enjoy the “new mercies” of God tomorrow.



  4. Dear Mike and Karla,
    I was so encouraged to hear your voice the other day — you sounded like yourself; compared to my earlier glimpse into your world this was HUGELY encouraging.

    I have just finished my 6th day with Inluenza A — I am not a big fan. However as I begin day 7 at 85-90% my normal self and think of what you have been through and what you must still accomplish recovery-wise — I am moved to pray for you.

    O how I take my relatively good hearth for granted!! I ought to be filled with thanksgiving for health every single day that I have it — radiant with praise for it — that ought to be my daily attitude. But alas I get lost in my daily blessings and fail to see them at all.

    You mention Psalm 23 in your latest — I would remind you of the hopeful situation within which we live according to the close of the Psalm — we live sandwiched between these two things —

    Behind us it is certain that goodness and mercy are following us all the days of our lives. And so goodness and mercy are following you into therapy today, and not just any goodness and mercy but God’s goodness and God’s mercy. And then the even more hopeful thought — we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever — that is what is out ahead — that is what is certainly out there. We are live between ‘goodness and mercy’ and ‘the house of the Lord forever.’ Some day Mike we will take a walk in the Bighorns in the New Heaven and the New Earth — in my glorified state I won’t be as cranky as J. Mochel either.

    Praying for you both.



  5. Dear Karla,
    Still trying to finish off a bout with the flu let me just officially sympathize with your being sick away from home and supposed to be visiting hospital etc. etc..

    I am praying for you in your misery — just when I was sure the Lord was granting you some reprieve it turns out there is still more training to do.

    Truly grieved for you.



  6. What a challenge for Mike; yet, what a testimony of God’s faithfulness! You both are keeping it real and keeping your eyes on the One who holds the very breath of life in His hands. Your witness is no small thing to all those around Mike in the hospital. By this, may many sons be brought to glory.


  7. In are travels we can only “Live by Faith” Be known by Love” and be a “Voice of Hope in this World” And Mike and Karla your a great example of that to everyone around you. God Bless Candy


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