(Mike speaks again) The mysteries of the the brain

  • Thank you to all of you who have joined us on this roller coaster ride.  Strap your seat belts on and join in the great adventure!  I am eternally grateful for every last one of you!  After all, if the prayers (of just one) righteous person are powerful and accomplishes much, then there is surely much more power in the prayers of many.
  • The brain is more than just a machine that one turns on…it is a vastly complex interworking of muscle  groups, neurons, etc.  that I think God largely hides from man.  The intricacies of modern science have allowed access to all of the major organs of the body…except the brain.  “Who has known the mind of the Lord or who has been His counselor?  Who has ever given to God that God should repay?  For from Him , through Him, and to Him is everything.  To God be the glory forever and ever….”
  • Progress is being made every day.  All the sudden I could bend my right knee in bed yesterday!   And  I could raise my arm about 12 inches…12 inches more than yesterday!  Various leg motions heretofore unrecorded, practically dry my tears.  It’s about getting systems working again.

I had an unexpected visit today from 4 friends and my 16 year old son (son is included in friends) who left Earlham today at 3:30 A.M.!

(posting took 1 hour)


7 thoughts on “(Mike speaks again) The mysteries of the the brain”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I think this blog post is definitely longer than your previous one and took an hour less. That’s progress even those of us in Iowa can see! We’re grateful that you are seeing progress and even more so, that God is revealing more of Himself to you.

    After all you’ve been through, it is merciful of God to cause you to be once again, in awe of His greatness.

    Keep up the good work and know that we continue to pray for daily healing and progress – and for God to uphold your family throughout this journey.

    Lynne and Dale


  2. Hi Mike,
    To God be the glory for your progress. Three amigos plus your son at 3:00 a.m.; sounds like a sermon to me. Perhaps Titus 2:6 tomorrow!


  3. Glad to hear of the progress! Your gains seem almost categorical vs. incremental moves forward.

    For encouragement that all things are possible, watch the Youtube video of Jason McElwain. Here’s a link:

    Picture all of us cheering you on like the crowd cheering on Jason.

    Tim Trudeau


  4. That one hour it took you to write this blog is one of the most precious hours of my day. You are truely uplifting to many.

    Much love and Prayers,


  5. Hi Mike,

    So good to hear from you again. You (and Karla) continue to be such a witness for your faith in God. I know He is with you each and every moment. When we are tested by fire, our faith is made more pure and proves to us just how real faith can be. You are such a strong witness for God in more ways than we know at this moment.

    Our prayers continue for your healing and for continued patience as you grow more and more in the Lord.

    Love in Christ,


  6. Mike,
    Glad to hear you’re coming along. To God be the glory, He has done great things! Also, even though you’re not at the top of your game you will always write and communicate much more effectively and passionately than I could ever dream about doing at my peak. God has uniquely gifted you, even in these circumstances. May He bless you and use you to impact many pre-believers around you. Be ‘at the ready’.
    Praying that God will restore your health and bless you in ways you never imagined,
    Lisa (Palmquist) Dailey


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