Mike had a Good Day at Mayo and I Endured

I talked to Mike twice today, and both times he was very positive and upbeat.  It sounds like occupational therapy went much better today, so it’s  I did the right thing yesterday in requesting a new therapist.  Mike is anxious for me to get back up there as he thinks he does better when I am there.  Hopefully I won’t take the flu bug with me!  A few people have been wondering about what will happen when Mike is discharged from St. Marys.  I had mentioned previously that he would probably transfer to an inpatient program in Des Moines.  That is not that plan now.  Last Friday we were told that the rehab team believe he will be ready to come home.  The main issue is the number of stairs we have to get to the shower and bedroom.  I am hoping that he can lift his leg by the time I get back and those problems will be solved.

Two more came down with the stomach virus today.  Jared did not feel well all day and Benj started vomiting at about 3.  I am beginning to think that the bathroom is a large petri dish and plan to go clean it as soon as I am done with this post!  Elisabeth is much better, so it looks like the girls will be able to join my mom and sisters on a trip to Kansas City.  I am glad they have something fun to look forward to as I leave again.

A friend offered to run some errands for me in Des Moines today. What a nice surprise that was!  I was wondering how I was going to get that done, and she took care of it for me!

I’m off to clean the bathroom and go to bed.  I have been doing laundry nonstop, thanks to all the kids getting sick.  I’ll even get a load done before I wake up because my washing machine has a timer on it.  What a great feature!  I’m still going with my thought that this is the same strain of flu that Gabbie had a couple weeks ago, and planning on no one else getting sick tomorrow.  That would be a great day!


4 thoughts on “Mike had a Good Day at Mayo and I Endured”

  1. Dear Karla,
    I pray you will be spared the stomach flu that you might be healthy, be better able to encourage Mike and simply have to suffer less — worthy goals all.

    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ comfort and empower you today.

    And just so you know….

    I like Mike!



  2. Karla,

    So sorry to hear about the illness in your family, in normal times (whatever that may be) these kinds of things are difficult to go through, but with the added challenges you face with Mike being at Mayo I am sure it is especially hard. We are praying for all of you and will pray that you will stay well and that Mike will not get the flu bug. May God give you His strength and courage. God bless, Bob & Paula Spilger


  3. Dear Mike,

    Wow, what a battle this has been. I’ve always appreciated your competative nature. Even little things like playing Frisbee. My hand hurts thinking about it. God has blessed you with a level of intensity and determination that has been necessary for such a trial. We are keeping track of your progress and look forward to speaking with you. But will wait until you have more time to bounce back. Keep bringing your full bore intensity to each an every therapy time. I can see the mountains from where I write and still plan that one day we will climb some of them. I wish Brenda and I were with you and Karla. I’m sure that if we fired up a few game of sequence and catch phrase, we’d see a few thousand more neurons reconnect, just so we could win.

    I think of the vows couple make when they get married and how easily the vows are broken. When I think of the way you have been in the battle for Mike in every conceivable way, I think of you as model of how God wants us to be toward our spouse. I know your focus is on Mike, but be sure to do little things to take care of yourself and do little things to fill your take. In the long run, that will be not only helpful for you but also Mike. Keep fighting the good fight. We love and pray for you all. TC



  4. Karla & Mike:

    Keep your spirits up and know we are continuing to pray for you both. Sounds like you both still have a sense of humor amidst the struggles!! That’s good! I know Casey’s sense of humor has helped him through a lot. Heard there was some bad weather and roads closed in Minnesota. We had a snow storm here too, but today and the next few days it’s supposed to be in the 60’s!! We’ve had some setbacks with seizures with Casey, but he is doing o.k. We continue to keep up our Shields of Armour, as we all know when there is victory, that is when Satan hits the hardest. Wishing and praying you ALL well.

    Mary, Wiley & Casey in Montana


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