More Progress

It was great to get back to Rochester and see the progress Mike has made.  It was noticeable in leg and arm movement and speech.

Mike was in physical therapy when I got to the hospital.  I continue to be amazed by how they get the different muscles to work.  When I left on Sunday, Mike was doing sidesteps at a bar.  Today he was doing it without assistance or support.  He is able to tap his toes and lift his leg.  Great progress!

His arm movement has also improved.  Last week Mike could grip with his hand, but not let it out.  This week he can.  He can move his thumb very well.  He can also lift his arm higher.

Mike’s speech has improved greatly.  He pauses much less and the words seem to come more easily.  He said that he feels less foggy in his thinking, which is a good thing.  The speech therapist is very pleased with his progress.

We spent quite a bit of time discussing getting out.  Putting it that way makes it sound like he’s leaving a jail, which I think it is starting to feel like!  Tomorrow we should find out the definite discharge date.  Mike was not aware that he is going to need extensive outpatient therapy, probably three to four times a week at first.  I have already had people volunteer to help with transportation for that, which is great.

The big news of the day is that he gets a day pass to go out of the hospital!  We are planning to do this on Saturday.  It is a kind of like a dry run for going home.  I’m not sure what we’ll do, but I think it will involve eating, and possibly Menards.  At least part of it will be fun!  There are a lot of things to think about as we prepare to go home, and it will be good to see how we get along outside of the hospital.


10 thoughts on “More Progress”

  1. Mike and Karla,

    How exciting to think about getting out for a day – and getting out for good!

    I know it’s probably colder in MN than IA but maybe that day pass will involve ice cream of some sort.

    I pray it will be a day of encouragement as Mike sees the world out there waiting for him, as we all are back home.

    Enjoy the day!

    Lynne and Dale


  2. Just in time for the first day of spring! Take time to enjoy the birds singing somewhere…or look for flower sprouts — or the tree buds swelling. I’m always amazed in Earlham when I start hearing them in the spring again. Maybe I miss them by getting to school too early in the winter, but then all of a sudden the cardinal starts to sing again.



  3. Hi Karla and Mike,

    What good news that you get to have a day outside the hospital. Truly, God is so good and so faithful. I know that each and every day from now on Mike’s improvement will be outstanding. We will continue to thank God for his complete healing. You are living in victory!!!! God Bless!!!

    Love to you both,
    Bill and Barbara


  4. God is good! We’ll pray for you as you go to Menards (smile)and out-on-the-town. I’m sure if Mike’s like Brian, He’d rather go to Menards than to Kohls.
    So many people that I know are praying for you guys!
    Happy spring–it’s official today.


  5. We’re thanking God with you here for the progress as well as for His strength through this trial. We’ll continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance and help as you look forward to coming home. We think of you all often and especially have been praying for health for your family; so sorry to hear they had the flu!

    Love in Christ,
    Lisa for all


  6. Mike, I am so glad to hear of your progress with your arm and leg. Both miraculous as well as demonstrating God’s design of the body and brain–that it can heal and re-train itself. Just a reflection of the new bodies we will have in eternity. We cannot wait to see you. Keep up the good work.


  7. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.” Good to hear of the progress that is taking place in Mike’s body and spirit. We will be glad to help with the trips to therapy when Mike returns home. Put us on the list.

    Ernie and Joyce


  8. Mike and Karla:
    What a blessing it is to hear of the progress in healing God has given you. Soon and very soon we pray that He shall heal you at home. Enjoy your excursion: observe everything twice–once for yourselves and once to relay us its joys. Soli Deo Gloria.
    Tom and Lois


  9. Mike & Karla:

    We continue to rejoice in the good news of your Rehab progress, Mike. Yes this is your week of lasts (Sun, Mon, Tues etc) in Rochester! God is faithful!

    We love you, and rejoice in all that our loving Father is doing in your lives!

    Steve & Marla Smith and family


  10. Dear Mark & Karla:
    Even though we haven’t met you, it is really wonderful and exciting to hear how God is working for Mke bringing healing. Dr. Krueger is our doctor, so kind and giving. He and Connie are such wonderful Christian people. I am sure you are too.
    We feel a certain Spritual bond you – our brother and sister in Christ. We certainly will keep bringing to the throne.


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