Mike Escaped

Whew, what a busy couple of days it has been!

Yesterday Mike had a great day in rehab.  His speech therapist is really challenging him and I have noticed a lot of progress, even though it’s not as much as Mike would like.  His hand is opening much better and he is able to lift his arm quite high.  The wrist is the next target.  In physical therapy he is to the point where they are working on having good control of his shoulders and trunk.  I think this will help the pain he has had in his neck.

We had a good, but exhausting, trip out today.  First we drove around Rochester a bit looking at the huge houses near the hospital.  Then we went to Menards and got the new shower attachment Mike needs.  After that it was Olive Garden for our usual chicken parmesan and fettucine alfredo.  We finished off the trip with a Culver’s concrete.  Mike became thoroughly exhausted and fell asleep immediately after getting in bed.

The other big news is that we have a discharge date.  We will be going home next Friday, which is Benj’s birthday!  That is probably as good of a birthday present as Benj could get.

The rehab therapists had suggested that we not even tell people that we are coming home, but I’m sure the information would get out anyway.  They also suggested that we not have visitors for at least the first week, which is advice that we are going to follow.  It will be very exhausting for Mike just to go home, let alone be around 5 kids all the time and start the outpatient rehab.  I know that everyone is anxious to see him, but I’m afraid that will just have to wait.  As he gets his strength back, he will need less rest and be more than ready to see people!

This next week will involve getting the house ready for Mike and me doing more with him in therapy.  I have more confidence having gone out today.  There are so many things we need to be aware of.  I am far more aware of obstacles to walking than I ever was when the kids were learning to walk!  We would appreciate your continued prayers as we make this next transition.


4 thoughts on “Mike Escaped”

  1. Hi Karla and Mike,

    Praise God! To Him give all the praise! I am so happy that you had such a wonderful outing! I know you will be so happy to be a family again under one roof.

    Thanks so much for sharing all you have been through. We have all been blessed by both your courage, trust and faith in Christ. You are both wonderful witnesses for Him!!!

    God Bless,
    Bill and Barbara


  2. We got your blog posts just as we were finishing dinner tonight. Earlier our daughter had seen this article about “Attack of the 1000 Calorie Meals” while surfing the internet. It mentioned a favorite of ours from the Olive Garden—Yes, the Fettuccine Alfredo and here are the scary numbers: 1,220 calories, 75g fat, 1,350mg sodium, 99g carbs. And that is without added chicken, shrimp or the extra parmesan they like to grate over the top for you! (I won’t think about those wonderful bread sticks.) I’m not sure that that meal will every be the same for us–we’d better share it next time 🙂 Sure hope you savored every bite!

    It’s so good to hear of your progress and that you now have a date to go home. We have really been in awe during the roller coaster ride, and know the Lord has much in store for you yet.

    Alan & Mary Huber
    (friends of Mike’s favorite sister)
    Sultan, WA


  3. I have been out of town and came down to read the blog to see how you are doing and am so excited that you have a date to go home to your family. I doubt that you will ever have the same outlook about anything again because you will all be so grateful to have Daddy home again with you! I can’t wait to share the good news with my prayer warriors this week about the great progress and blessings that you are receiving. My love and continued prayers for all of you. Darlene


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