Posting from one who by all reasonable accounts shouldn’t even be here

  • I want you all to know that I’ve read every single one of your comments that you have left on my blog.  After all, there were about 3-4 weeks in there where I didn’t even care about anything.  I thank you all for your encouraging comments, but Pastor Randy Anderson from Sioux Falls,  South Dakota, you sir get the award for the most thoughtful insights through this whole ordeal.
  • I am a living walking miracle if by that we mean God working in ways that he normally does not.  Kim Whittaker, I believe you were the only one to use this word….I mean people just do not make it out alive from what I’ve been through!
  • I can move and lift my arm even higher than I could  a week ago, I can tap my foot to keep up with all the square dance parlance, and they say my speech is becoming more fluent…quicker response time and less difficulty in word finding.  Not only that but I am also working at a fever pitch on stairs.
  • Many of you have asked about how my right side feels.  Let  me tell you this, it feels normal!  I just have to teach my body to re-learn all of these otherwise normal actions.

Just happy to be here,

Mike Evans


14 thoughts on “Posting from one who by all reasonable accounts shouldn’t even be here”

  1. Mike,

    I’m happy you’re here too! You are such an encouragement to me. It’s unbelieveable what you have been through. Praying for you daily. Denny


  2. Rejoicing with you!!! God is still the God of miracles!!! Nothing is impossible for our Lord !!!


  3. Young Pastor Evans AKA Pastor Mike: God is amazing and he has done an amazing thing in your life~letting you keep it for one! It was great to see you last week end and we heard today you may be coming home next week! Praise God for that miracle~for it truly is a miracle and I think we ALL know that. You are a true testimony for all the great things God can do and has done in this world, and of course, for what is left to come. We look forward to seeing you soon. So glad to hear your therapy is going so well.

    See you soon, John and Janet


  4. Continue to check in on you multiple times a day. A big Thank You to Karla for keeping us informed from afar. So happy to hear the progress you are making Mike! I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting home, and the kid’s even moreso to have you home. Wishing you the best as you transition from the hospital setting. While the prayers from our corner of the world are no more than elsewhere, please know that we continue to praise God for the work He is doing and continue to ask for His hand over all.
    God Bless the Evan’s family!
    Best wishes from the self appointed Mike Evans Cheer Squad Leader in Lenexa KS…


  5. So glad to hear of your progress, Mike! Praise God for his Healing Powers! I consutled a friend of mine at Mayo re: your situation (without mentioning your name). He is the Chair of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Brent Bauer, and an internal medicine physician. He says you could ask for a consult from the Integrative Therapies Specialist in the Dept of Surgery. This individual could consult with you about therapies that might complement the conventional treatment that you are receiving. I have used many to complement my healing from the malignant brain tumor. I thought you might especially be interested in healing touch, which is the western medicine version of “the laying of hands.” If you have a Christian healing touch provider, then the individual has trained to allow his or her body to be a conduit for God’s Healing Energy. I have spiritual healing touch from a retired Lutheran pastor once per month and you can just feel the energy vibrations from the Divine passing through your body. It is amazing! Also, essential oils are a nice therapy and, guess what, the essential oil for brain mass is Frankincence. Lemon is also good, I am told, because it decreases the “dampness” in the system which is for some reason good for those of us healing from brain masses. To use essential oils, you just put them on your carotid arteries (blood supply to the brain), smell them and put on the scalp site. Anyway, you may want to consider and should consult integrative medicine before using any of these therapies. These therapies are becoming more and more accepted at Mayo (Dept is called Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program)! Blessings to you on this Sunday morning. Robyn


  6. Mike, may you experience God’s continued healing touch! I’m the Chaplain here at the Boone Home, and we’ve had about 40 of our residents praying for you and the family. You have been a wonderful example to many here who are dealing with their own physical struggles.


  7. Hi Mike,

    We are so happy to hear from you and that you are feeling so much better. It always has paid to be a part of “God’s Squad” hasn’t it?

    God Bless and look forward to seeing you sometime soon. And yes, you are a miracle, but I’ve always known that too!

    Love as always,
    Bill and Barbara


  8. Mike,

    It is good to hear from you and it sounds like significant progress is being made. The move from hospital/rehab to home is always a big adjustment, but we are confident that you will make that adjustment with out too much difficulty. We will continue to remember you and Karla and the family in our prayers. Looking forward to seeing you again as well. You are in our hearts in and in our prayers daily. God bless. Bob & Paula Spilger


  9. Dear Mike,
    On the morning of your heart surgery any notion that you might be home by the end of March would have struck me as simply ridiculous. In fact all that day if I paused and thought of you and Karla, which I did many times, I would feel my throat tighten and have to struggle to hold back the tears — it all felt so ominous — and now it all seems like it must have just been a bad dream — now your progress sounds so steady and hopeful and encouraging.

    I don’t know what all of that was about, but I do know that the Lord had a design in it all — I am confident that both you and Karla will be more compassionate and caring people for the rest of your lives because of these last long, trying, draining, frightening weeks.

    I know that the journey of your recovery is long from over, but I also believe and certainly hope that the darkest and most painful days are behind you for some considerable time.

    Reading your blog each day pulled me back to those helpless days when I watched my brother suffering in the shadow of his sons cancer; I supported him poorly (if you can even call it support) — I felt so cheap to try and say or do anything — the circumstances were so overwhelming. I felt some of that same helpless, stunned sadness for you. Frozen by the crushing circumstances that Karla would share day by day.

    I would say this, there have been times in the past month when what would pass for my prayers for you were ‘groanings too deep for words.’

    I am so thankful for your progress; I am so thankful that you will be heading home on your sons birthday. There are words for this ” Praise God from whom all blessings flow…’



  10. Wonderful news about the returning of Mike and Karla to Iowa….Have loved the updates and the inspirational comments from all. What an amazing God we have!!!

    I am sorry I did not see you during your stay in Minnesota. I am sure I will be down your way in the next 6 months due to Nathan loving ISU….I can’t sway him to go to Luther.

    Talk to you soon…I will keep your entire family in our prayers!!

    Marcus and Stacey


  11. Glad you are here, Mike, and that you are living to tell about it – for God’s glory.

    It’s exciting to hear that you’ve been able to share your faith with one of your therapist’s. Who knows who’s next.

    Keep the faith.

    Still praying for your healing,


  12. Hey Mike:

    When you’re up to it, my daughter Jessica would like to teach you a new polka on the squeeze box. Great to hear from you and Karla. On your way home to “Cardinal” territory, eventhough it’s west of the “real” black and red.

    A salute from all the homeschool dads in New town.



  13. Mike, I shared the news of your progress with my church yesterday and they broke in to applause. Laurie, Hunter and I feel the same way. We will continue to watch for updates, and you and your family will be in our prayers.

    Brent, Laurie and Hunter


  14. Mike,
    I’ve been praying that you’d be home for our Word Fellowship in Earlham. Unfortunately, I failed to explain to the Lord that we would like to visit you then.

    No matter, how about we all come over and sing hymns on your lawn?


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