The Last Sunday in Rochester

What an interesting day it has been.  I left the hospital at about 9:45 last night, and was very surprised to find that Mike had a new roommate when I arrived this morning!  It will probably not surprise anyone to know that this was not a great thing.

This new roommate seems nice enough, but he is hard of hearing and likes the t.v. very loud.  To make matters worse, for some reason the sound is coming out of the t.v. rather than the speakers in the bed, so everyone can hear it.  When he turned on the sitar music, we left for a long walk around the hospital.  I think he watched/listened to that channel for three hours!

The nurses called maintenance, but t.v.’s are not a high priority for them.  They couldn’t come until Monday, so they offered us a new room.  We took it, and are now hoping that Mike gets no new roommates between now and Friday.  The whole sitar incident has actually provided quite a few laughs today.

Mike also saw a different physical therapist today, since it is a weekend.  She was a fantastic therapist, and very interesting to talk to.  She started asking Mike about our church.  She had never heard of an Evangelical Free church before.  That led to a good discussion about the Bible and how God works in the world.  I was quite impressed with how well Mike was able to answer questions, although he tired quite quickly and just had to stop.  The conversation did get him an extra 15 minutes of therapy!  Productive in many ways.

I went for lunch at the Canadian Honker today, a restaurant that I have eaten at many times while I have been here.  As I left today, I thought that for the first time I didn’t look like a stressed out family member of a St. Marys patient.  That was a very good feeling!  While the road ahead is still long, it does look like we will get to the end of it.  We will forever be changed by this whole experience, which is a good thing.  We have been through the fire and we have survived!  Thanks be to God!


4 thoughts on “The Last Sunday in Rochester”

  1. Karla,
    WOW~! God is good all the time. Talked with your Dad yesterday (Sat. 3-21-09) at the Iowa Plowing Assoc. meeting in Altoona and he was telling us about the miracle from God that Mike received with his brain surgery. Mayo Clinic is a wonderful place to be. I had total knee surgery there in 2004 after Cedar Rapids Doctor botched my first knee surgery. Mayo Clinic doctors are a gift from God because my knee is better and I have my life back..
    Told my church this morning all about the adventure you and Mike have been on since Feb. 12th. God does miracles today and my pastor loved the testimony I gave. We are praying for you both.. It’s not just the patient that needs prayer ~ the spouse and family needs it just as much.
    You have such a wonderful Mom and Dad and you are so blessed.. I enjoy your Dad a lot especially when you get him on the subject of his grandchildren.. One almost has to grease his ears just to get him out the door. He is so proud~! He loves you all and he especially loves God.. How wonderful~! He is a tiggeriffic man who I’m so proud to say I know him.
    You are all in my prayers.. God does listen~!
    Ta Ta For Now Anne Postlethwait


  2. Oh yes, thanks be to God! Thank-you for keeping everyone updated on Mike’s progress. God is always at work, isn’t He?


  3. “Been through the fire” is certainly an appropriate image, and a Biblical one. Of the thousands of things God has been doing these days, one of them is lending Mike credibility as a pastor. When he stands next to a hospital bed and quotes Isaiah 43, no one will ever think, “Easy for you to say; you don’t know my situation.” In fact, as he recounts his own story, they will be massively encouraged that God’s promise is true: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you will not be burned, and the flame will not consume you.”

    Praise God for his promise, and your lives as a visual image of His faithfulness for the rest of your lives.

    Tim Trudeau


  4. Good, good news! So wonderful to hear that God continues to use your trial and Mike can tell others about his faith because of what he’s gone through. Kim had a nice visit up there yesterday, so glad that worked out. We love you and continue to pray for you. Our church has been wonderful. Several prayer warriors ask me every time they see me how you’re doing. “They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31


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