Mike’s Hospital Stay by the Numbers

Therapy continues to progress.  We see new improvements everyday, but it’s like we’ve mentioned in previous posts, a new movement in the hand or leg, a little bit clearer speech.  Mike and I have been talking about the various places he’s been, so I thought I would post some “statistics,” since I am a numbers person!

Mike has been in more rooms during a single hospital stay than anyone I have ever known!  Since February 12th, he has been in 12 different rooms.  I’m hoping our room switches are over!  He was in 4 different Neuro ICU rooms, 2 regular Neuro rooms, 1 Cardiac ICU room, 1 regular Cardiac room, and 4 Rehab rooms.  He stayed in all these rooms on visits to 4 floors:  8 (Neuro ICU), 9 (regular Neuro), 6 (Cardio), and 3 (Rehab).

While most of the rooms were private , some were not.  He has had 3 differerent roommates.  The first rehab roomie, aka “The Cougher,” the second rehab roomie, the beloved Melvin,  and the third rehab roomie, aka “Sitar man.”  We are hoping for no more roommates!

Doctors from 10 different departments have seen Mike, some more than others.  We have seen people from Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Allergy, Dermatology, Vascular Medicine, Critical Care/Anesthesiology, Hematology, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  Whew!  I must say, all of the doctors have been very kind, although we do have our favorites.

I would give the number of different medications he has been on, but there are too many to count!  Not really, but I don’t have any idea how many there have been.  He’s had seizure meds, meds to lower and raise his blood pressure (obviously not at the same time), antibiotics, medicated shampoos, insulin, vitamins, blood thinners, …  You get the idea.

The other number too big to count is the number of blood draws.  Some days they have been multiple times.  Currently, it is every morning at about 4:30.  Ugh!  Thankfully, most of the phlebotomists are very good at their jobs.

Finally, he has been in the hospital for 42 days, and it will be 46 when we go home.  That is a very long time, for us, and our kids, and everyone who has been taking care of them!  We got out again today, and when we got back he said that he is ready to leave this place.

On a serious note, Mike continues to have significant chest pain when he coughs, sneezes, or laughs.  It is very easy to forget about the chest surgery, since we are so focused on the brain.  However, it does play into how tired he gets and how therapy has to be limited.  I am anticipating the trip home being thoroughly exhausting, as well as the transition to us being responsible for everything.  Keeping track of his meds is going to be a full time job!  Only 4 more days and we’ll be home!


3 thoughts on “Mike’s Hospital Stay by the Numbers”

  1. Dear Mike and Karla,
    What a trip. The winter of 2009 was a bleak one for the Evans family, but spring has now arrived and you are transitioning into brighter spring like days as well.

    I love you both and look forward to increasingly hopeful and joyful reports of your steady, steady progress. John Newton has it right,

    ‘Tis grace that brought you safe thus far,
    and grace will lead you home… and eventually grace will lead you all the way home to the New Heaven and the New Earth where there are no hospitals or sleepless nights or painful coughs or frightened children. Someday!

    Look forward to visiting you having you actually remember the visit.



  2. Dear Mike & Karla,
    It is so rewarding that so many prayers have been answered and that you are able to return home. Your children must be estactic! My prayers continue for a complete recovery.

    God’s Blessings,


  3. Mike & Karla:

    During this long winter journey of yours we have continued to pray for you in many different settings (staff meetings, privately, elder gatherings, etc.). Thank you so much for keeping us updated through the blog. A constant testimony of God’s sovereignty and sustaining grace. We will continue to “appraoch the throne of grace with confidnce” on your behalf. I still look forward (somewhat with tongue in cheek) to the day when I will have the privilege to hear yet another song bellow from Mike’s accordian! God bless you!
    -Dane Schaudt & the Liberty E-Free family


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