Progress Update

I just went to check my e-mail and post quickly before going home.  One friend asked many good question, so I will try to answer those in this post, as many people probably have the same questions.

We have not had to make many changes to the house.  We (men from church) added a railing so that we have two railings on the stairs from the first floor to the second.  That is the only physical change to the house we needed to make.

We have purchsed a bath transfer chair so that Mike can sit down and shower.  We also have purchased a suction grab bar for the purpose of support when he is standing. 

Dr. Meyer had an interesting comment yesterday.  We told him what we were doing to the house, and he said that he wouldn’t put much money into lots of changes because he does not think Mike will need adaptations for long.  He said, “I know I sound like a broken record, but this is what I said would happen.  Remember, we will see improvements for a year, but everything is coming back.”  I then told him that immediately following surgery, I did not believe him, but now I do.

Mike is walking very well.  He will not need any help getting from the car to the house and does not use a walker or a wheelchair.  He is very aware of how easily he fatigues and will not be taking any long walks.  He also handles the stairs fine, both up and down.  I assisted him in this today and was not at all concerned.

My friend’s final question was, “Has Mike gained any weight back?”  The answer to that is, “Yes.”  I would say most of what is missing now is muscle weight.  I don’t know what he currently weighs, but 9 days ago he weighed 26 pounds less than when he went in for brain surgery.  And this was after gaining some weight back!  He has been eating fine, and now needs to build up muscle.

Tonight there are two nurses who are “floating” from Neuro.  That is how Mayo handles lower patient census.  They put nurses wherever they are needed if the patient count is too low on their own floor.  These nurses both took care of Mike on the Neuro floor and were so happy to see his progress.  One asked for the church website so that she could listen to his first sermon back and follow the blog.  She then came in to say hello and gave us both hugs.  That is the kind of care Mike has received here and we are very grateful!


5 thoughts on “Progress Update”

  1. So glad there is a end in sight for you all. We have and will continue to pray.
    God is good!


  2. Glad to hear that the whole family will soon be together again in Earlham. You know you can put our names down to call on for trips, food, watching kids or whatever is needed. We will be home on the 5th.


  3. Mike and Karla,
    Karen and I have been following the progress and this seems like some of the best news we have heard. We are really impressed that he can ascend and descend the stairs on his own–great! As for the weight, we will have to come out to Earlham after Mike has had a chance to recuperate further and bring some of Karen’s Cookies. Remember, just start with the little weights first and work up. The same with the walking–a little bit at a time. It looks like all the little prayers put together really did make a bit impact. Keep us posted.


  4. So glad to hear of the progress. Thank You for the reports you have kept up with. I’m sure that hasn’t been easy either. Its so amazing.


  5. What a happy day , to hear of the great progress Mike has made.
    I pray that God will continue to heal and bring back full use of every part of his body.



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