This Has Been the Last Day in Rehab!

This will be a quick post, because it is late and I need to be back here early.

Mike had a great day in rehab.  All of the therapists spent quite a bit of time discussing exercises he can do at home, as well as a lot of safety issues.  We feel very confident as we leave that Mike is ready to be home.  He did opt out of physical therapy for tomorrow, but will have an hour of speech therapy before we leave.

I am having quite a wide range of emotions.  All of the therapists, nurses, and doctors are very excited for us to leave.  I wish I had kept track of every nurse so that I could thank them personally, but that would probably be too overwhelming anyway.  Last night, Randy, one of Mike’s first ICU nurses, stopped down.  That was very emotional for all of us!  He will keep following on the blog, and said that he is looking forward to listening to Mike’s first sermon back when it is up on the church website.  Several others have said that as well.  How encouraging!

Most of all, we are thankful to God for sustaining us through this trial.  A couple of nights ago, I was reading Psalm 67 in the one year Bible.  The first two verses say this, “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all the nations.”  That is one of the reasons He has been gracious to us in this trial, that His way may be known on earth.  We are still discovering ways He has been good to us and lessons we are to learn.  So, while we are heading home, the journey isn’t over yet!


5 thoughts on “This Has Been the Last Day in Rehab!”

  1. Hay
    Val and i have been keeping up on your blog.
    And praying for your family.
    hope to see you at ball . let us know when your going to preach .
    Greg Bower

    Thankyou for being the MAN that you are.


  2. I am SO glad you are coming home. I have been following you every step of the way and you have a lot of friends and prayer behind you. I look forward to seeing you both back in Earlham.


  3. Dear Mike and Karla,
    I’m praying for you today as you journey home. May God’s pleasure in you both for your faithful witness to His goodness and mercy be your strength. We are finally on our way home tomorrow also. Though our journey has been far less trying, we too have experienced a wide range of emotions during this time, not the least of which has been our gratitude to God for His care for all of you.

    We look forward to following the blog and praying and rejoicing with you during the months to come.



  4. We have been mindful of praying for you on this last day at Mayo and during your trip home. We also continue to ask the Lord for an uneventful transition back to the ‘homefront.’ As I was reading Scripture, I saw this last verse of Psalm 26 in a different light as I thought of you, Mike.

    ‘My foot stands on level ground; in the great assembly I will bless the Lord.’

    Your first day back in the pulpit will be such a day of rejoicing and glorifying God – bringing Him much blessing and honor! I know it is a little ways off, but its closer every day!!

    Just know that we lift you up every day,
    Karol for Terry, too


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