We’re Home!

We finally arrived home last night at suppertime.  With all the stops along the way, it took quite awhile to get here.

The older boys had the privilege of carrying in all the stuff, since Mike can’t.  Once all the stuff was in, I picked up the little kids from a friend’s house.  Gabbie was especially excited to see her Daddy!

We had picked up Papa Murphey’s pizza to have for dinner.  Not the usual celebration for a birthday, but it worked.  The neighbor had made a cake for Benj, and we also had pie and brownies, so there was plenty of sugar to go around.

Mike really enjoyed sitting in his leather recliner.  It’s the perfect place for him to be part of the family, yet relax.  He and the older boys watched a lot of basketball, which was thoroughly exhausting.  Mike had slept most of the way home.  It is amazing how just coming home can be so tiring.

This morning he has spent time with the younger children.  Gabbie cuddled for a long time and now they are playing games.  I hear there is a movie in the plan for today.  We are all just happy to all be together!


14 thoughts on “We’re Home!”

  1. This blog sounds like the ending to the script of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life — if Jimmy Stewart were still alive I would love to see him play the part of Mike and Donna Reed could be Karla… but alas Jimmy is gone but praise the Lord you are still here MIke, and now home watching basketball and playing games.

    I thank the Lord for you and with you today.

    So glad you are home Mike. So glad you are home Karla. What you describe in this blog is simply ‘good beyond words.’

    Still praying as you go forward but filled with joy for you today.



  2. Behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face!

    Mike, I am so happy for you. Watch out for those ball games… a guy can seriously injure himself just watching. I hope you don’t have a team in the tournament.

    I pray that we can see you at least briefly on tuesday. We will celebrate God’s goodness.


  3. Welcome Home Mike!!

    We are thrilled for you and your family being together at home. God is the Great Physician who has already done so much in your life and will continue to faithfully strengthen you. Enjoy this snowy afternoon!!

    Love and prayers,
    Steve, Peggy, Beth, Joe, and Ben Klinefelter


  4. Glory to God… rejoicing with you guys.. we’ll keep praying.

    First Baptist Church
    Guthrie Center

    “where many were gathered together praying.”
    Acts 12:12


  5. So happy to hear you are all together again under the same roof! I am especially happy for the kids, as I’m sure they have been longing to all be together again in their own home. Enjoy each others company, and may the Lord continue to bless you all!


  6. Karla and Mike – I can’t wait to share the news tomorrow as we gather for worship. I know that your long journey is not over, but what a blessing to be together under one roof again! My (and your) brothers & sisters at Trinity join me in wishing you continued blessings. Thank you again for keeping us posted.

    Best wishes, hugs, and continuing prayers from Alexandria –



  7. A word of praise went up this morning in Fairview as I announced that you were back home in Earlham. We will continue to hold you before the throne in prayer. God Bless–we will stop sometime in the future to see you.

    Ernie and Joyce Baiotto


  8. Awesome News Indeed for an Awesome dad and family!

    Now I can come over and crash at your place while down for work:-)…kidding

    Praise God for his faithfulness!


  9. Such Good News! And just in time for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter! Enjoy this beautiful time together! Praises are going up for your healing and continued well-being!
    Robyn and Lee Swenson


  10. Well this is an answer to many prayers. We are glad you are home and the family is together.
    I realize it must be hard to watch the final four without Iowa State in it. I guess there are still the girls finals.


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