So close and yet so far away

Yesterday, as I waited for my speech therapist to get off the phone this patient was unusually patient, for she was cutting into my hour. Continue reading So close and yet so far away


Everything’s normal once again. Nothing will ever be normal again.

I have begun this posting several times in recent weeks, but have never written so much as a single sentence.  It seems unbelievable to me that at one moment I can be an eyeblink from death… and now, a couple of months removed, everything seems so normal.  Continue reading Everything’s normal once again. Nothing will ever be normal again.

Welcom Back Sunday May 31st

Greetings my fellow bloggers,

It is with great joy that I write to you. We are preparing for the “Official welcome back Pastor Mike Sunday” May 31st. In preparation for this glorious event for our church we would like to give each of you who have been following the blog and praying for Pastor Mike, his family and our church an opportunity to send him a note of encouragement. You can do this by email or if you want to get more creative send us a video, poster or banner. In your note please let Pastor Mike know how God worked in your life during his stay at Mayo.

Please use the following email

mailing address:
8435 University Blvd STE 7
Clive, Iowa 50325

If you plan to send a note please do so by May 18th. We praise God for the many thousands of you who prayed for Pastor Mike. God has been very gracious and we at Crossroad church are looking forward to seeing how God will use this for His Glory.

On behalf of Crossroad Church and the Evans family thank you for your prayers and support.

Jer 29:11
God Bless

Dean E. Osborne

What Happened To All Of Your Prayers?

Surely there must be some of you more reflective people out there who are wondering….just what did God do with all of my prayers for Mike and Karla?  That is, for the initial brain surgery.  You know…the prayers that thousands of you must have offered up before the throne of God that I would come through this with no complications and such?  Did He not hear you?  Continue reading What Happened To All Of Your Prayers?