Mike’s Easter Message

I am sure many of you are wondering how church went this morning.  Mike did preach and it went even better than we had hoped!

The people who make up our church were especially thrilled to have Mike back in the pulpit, even if only for one day.  Mike had practiced in front of me twice last Friday, and we both knew that it would possibly be difficult to get through.  However, his voice was strong and the message clear as he spoke of the resurrection of Jesus. 

What those in attendance this morning probably did not realize is, this comparatively short sermon left Mike thoroughly exhausted.  He was able to stay awake through lunch, but then excused himself to take a nap.  He slept for at least two hours, which is much longer than he has been napping this past week.  I think he was even surprised at how tired he was.  I wasn’t.

So he is not ready to head into the pulpit full-time yet.  His “job”  for right now is still to keep working at rehab and to build up his strength.  To again quote Dr. Meyer’s favorite line, “Like we said, recovery will take up to a year.”  It seems long to us, but in the scheme of things, it really isn’t. 

The best way to close what has for us been a glorious day, is with the Easter greeting.

Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed!

(Make sure you wait at the end of the message for the closing song)

Click here to hear Mike’s Easter Message


3 thoughts on “Mike’s Easter Message”

  1. We would have loved to be there yesterday! We listened to Mike’s sermon online and were moved to tears of joy. Your unwavering faith in our almighty, sovereign God ministers to us and reminds us to stand firmly in the truth of God’s Word. Thank you, Pastor Mike, for you servant’s heart and faithfulness in teaching what God has laid on your heart. Alan and Vickie


  2. Dear Mike,
    I just got finished listening to your Easter sermon, with tears of joy. Hearing your voice for the first time since your surgery, hearing God’s words through your voice, PRAISE GOD. How true it is that our faith must be tested, to understand how much we need Jesus in our lives, and we can do nothing without him. You all are in my prayers, and praying for you to grow stronger each day. God bless you. Kathy


  3. Dearest Mike and Karla;
    We were thrilled and privileged to join your precious little church family on Easter Sunday. We were there to say good-bye and God Bless and we wanted to be there to say Praise God!!
    Your message was perfect and we were shocked and blessed to see you walking, smiling, standing, turning, speaking and just there:)
    Roger was so humbled by being there. He said he had been hearing the same message no matter where he is…be bolder about sharing your faith and Mike, you said that so well yesterday.
    He also commented that he wanted to see where your fiery trial would lead as it was such a major one. You will have much to share and experience!
    And Karla – you just stand there next to Mike, doing the next thing, don’t you? What a blessing you are!
    God has given us such a special love for both of you and we are so very grateful that you are influencing our children and grandchild.
    We wanted so badly to stand and applaud when you were finished speaking. But we were unsure if that was the right thing to do. So, we are standing and applauding you, Karla and our Mighty and Gracious God for all He has done and will continue to do.
    God Bless – Madelene and Roger


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