Tubing on Diamondhead Lake

Our family was invited out to the Osborne’s today for lake fun.  Elisabeth, Luke,  Benjamin and I went tubing on Diamondhead Lake (just outside of Dexter…which is just a few miles west of Wiscotta or 12 miles northwest of Pitzer)  on this Memorial Day, not for very long, but just long enough to make Karla cringe in disbelief  as we cruised by the front of their lakefront property.  You may ask why I did it.  Because I could not find any good reason not to do so.   I had a bit of trouble getting into the boat and then onto the tube and hanging on with one good arm, but other than that there were no problems!  We are heading back up to Mayo next week for three days of follow-up visits.  I think it would do my heart good (not literally) to show Drs. Meyer and Fogleson (the neurosurgeons) pictures of me tubing on Memorial Day weekend.

On the mend slowly but surely,



3 thoughts on “Tubing on Diamondhead Lake”

  1. Hmmm…. I’m wondering if I should tattle on you. (I won’t!) We are at Mayo and are seeing Dr. Meyer tomorrow. As a wife of someone who had major brain surgery on the same day as you, I’m thinking that is not a recommended activity! But believe me I am so thankful you were ABLE to get out there and do that. So glad things are progressing!


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